Security Radio Hire

Security Radio Hire

In the age of technology, clear communication is key to the security and effective operation of a business. Security two-way radio hire provides a real-time communication channel that can work with your current communication systems or independently to provide a private dialogue. 

Wall to Wall Communications have over 39 years experience in two-way radios, we have partnered with clients from many industries such as security to events, construction, logistics and hospitality. Our expert team will create a bespoke package to suit your business no matter its size or location, we offer short and long-term solutions across the UK and abroad. Hiring radios is a cost-effective alternative to the large initial outlay of purchasing. We can cover all aspects of two-way radio hire in our comprehensive packages including licensing assistance, support and training.

Security radio hire for construction

Lone Worker Two Way Radio Systems for Construction





In construction, workers handle many materials and operate complex machinery. Therefore, clear communication is essential to uphold the high standards of health and safety required and to protect all workers at the site. Having previously partnered with BAM Nuttall and construction projects on Tottenham Court Road Station and Cuilfail Tunnel, our team understand the needs and requirements for security radio hire in construction.

We hire out a number of two-way radio solutions with features to suit the construction environment. Protect your workers by ensuring they can communicate with you in any situation, including emergencies.  Many of our digital models are equipped with noise cancelling abilities so that the all important communications can be heard over the noise of machinery and generators, whilst protecting your hearing from sound overexposure. With two-way radio systems offering better distance coverage than mobile phones, radios can guarantee uninterrupted communication to your workers, even when operating underground or within lifts. Additional functions include the ability to contact multiple radios, to make an announcement across the site or collaborate multiple teams.

Our two-way radios are built to withstand the conditions of the construction site. Wall to Wall Communications stock a number of rugged and reliable models with waterproof and dust-proof features.

Security radio hire for Hospitality






From the day-to-day running to dealing with exclusive clientele, two-way radios offer an efficient communication solution to the hospitality industry, safeguarding your employees and guests to ensure the best possible customer experience.

Our two-way radio systems can seamlessly integrate with your computer, fire alarm and telephone systems to maximise security in all aspects of hospitality. For every day use, two-way radios can be utilised by your front of house and security team to liaise on access control and customer management. Many of our radios are compatible with additional accessories such as unobtrusive earpieces and microphones, ideal for monitoring activity and high-profile guests discretely.

There are a number of features of two-way radios that are beneficial to dealing with emergency situations effectively, maximising the safety of your staff and guests. Models equipped with silent alarms can be used to ask for assistance without raising suspicion; important for the safety of those involved and avoiding escalation of the situation. Man-down and emergency calling functions are suited to roles with lone-working such as night-shift workers and housekeeping, without the need to dial a number or for mobile signal.

In addition to their many practical benefits, two-way radios provide a professional and simple solution to communication. Our previous hospitality partners include The Langham – London, Intercontinental hotel & resorts, DoubleTree by Hilton and Guoman Hotels.

two way radio hire london





For the hospitality industry we recommend the fully portable ICOM IC-F2000, Hytera PD705 and Hytera TC-320 two-way radio models. These models are compact, have a good battery life and hands-free solutions. The Hytera TC-320 is also license-free, perfect for short term hire and smaller budgets. 

We recommend the Hytera PD785, Hytera PD705 and Motorola DP4400 models for the construction industry, built to be durable they are rugged, waterproof and dust-proof whilst offering a great coverage.

Other industries Wall to Wall Communications supply to include; Construction, Events, Security, Hospitality Leisure, Auction Houses, Transportation, Retailers, Film Production, Banks and Hospitals.

Security Radio Hire London

Security Radio Hire London

security radio hire




London is a bustling hub of business, culture and events – this capital city attracts millions of people each year. The densely packed city centre provides its own challenges for communication, from its signal-deflecting buildings to high population. With the potential footfall to your business or event, security is of the utmost importance to guarantee the safety of both your staff and customers. Here at Wall to Wall Communications we offer a number of bespoke solutions to your security requirements. Our two-way radio systems provide efficient and private communication channels for short and long-term hire.

Security radio hire for offices

security radio hire




Two-way radios provide an uninterrupted signal, even when mobile service and landlines are unavailable. We also offer a telephone interconnect service, integrating with your telephones with your security radio system. Security radios have a number of uses in an office setting including access control and emergency communication. They provide an excellent solution for offices in London, which need uniterupted security radio communications or struggle with signal in the city tower blocks.

Enhance your office security through access control using two-way radio systems. By monitoring your visitors and deliveries you can minimise risk to your employees and streamline operations saving time and money. With a touch of a button you will be able to find out if your visitor or delivery is expected and make sure they end up in the correct place!

Ensure the safety of your employees and visitors by using security radios for emergency communication. In the event of an evacuation, a number of employees can be contacted at once to relay a clear plan. Most of our two-way radios are fully portable to make sure communication never ceases. Typical safety features include emergency call, man down and location functions; to allow your security team quick response to an incident. 

Our radio systems are simple and fuss-free. However, we do offer expert training so that your employees can get the most out of your office security radio system. 

Security radio hire for events

security radio hire





London is home to a growing number of events, celebrating the rich history of the city and the many cultures that can be found there. Security radio systems are pivotal to these events, from planning to execution to the ongoing safety of staff and attendees. Events require a clear channel of communication to see that it runs smoothly and event-goers can enjoy themselves knowing they are safe. 

Two-way radios allow for management and communication across all aspects of the festival; staff, participants, security, infrastructure, and health and safety. We can provide specialised radios with features specific to event communications. In large music festivals, noise-cancelling abilities are important so that all communication can be heard. Discrete earpieces and microphones are suitable to smaller events where security should be more unobtrusive such as exhibitions or where private conversations are taking place.

We have worked with a number clients, to ensure the best security radio solutions for their events across London. 

Working on a tight deadline? We understand that things move quickly in London, so contact us today as we are able to offer next day delivery in many circumstances. 

What Radio might be suitable for my security office or event needs in London?

security radio hire




For a compact yet durable solution that is easy to hear over the hustle and bustle of the office, or crowds of event-goers, we recommend Icom IC-F2000 radio. The Icom IC-F2000 is also available in 6 different variations to suit your needs. The Motorola MotoTRBO DP3600 radio is suitable for multi-site offices or events, with a wide ranging signal and compatibility with antenna systems and telephone interconnect for seamless communication. In fact, we recently installed this system in the University of Greenwich in London, which you can check out in our case studies.

Security radio hire is a cost effective and efficient solution to the challenges posed by London’s landscape and footfall. Clear communication is vital for the success of your business or event.

Wall to Wall Communications are the authorised main dealer or direct suppliers for all major two-way radio manufacturers including Motorola, Hytera and Icom. We pride ourselves in providing the best radio equipment for your needs. 

With experience in supplying both small and large security radio systems, our knowledgeable team can put together a package tailored to the size of your office or event. As a ISO 9001:2015 certified and quality-controlled company, you can be assured that our partnership with your business will be taken seriously. We are passionate about delivering excellent customer care and the latest products.

Other industries Wall to Wall Communications supply to include; Construction, Events, Hospitality Leisure, Auction Houses, Transportation, Retailers, Film Production, Banks and Hospitals.

Handheld Radio Hire London

Handheld Radio Hire London

London is one of the most exciting cities in Europe, with an incredibly multinational population, world-famous attractions and businesses of every shape and size operating in England’s capital. These businesses can range from brand new start ups at the beginning of their lives to massive corporations who have been established for a number of years. Although these businesses may differ in almost every way, they do share some similarities. One of which is their need for effective and clear communication. Whether that’s in conducting business, safety or security, communication can be the most influential factor which ensures that a business is a success. Handheld radio hire can be the perfect solution which you’ve been looking for to improve the efficiency, safety and security of your business.

Why Wall to Wall Communications

Handheld Radio Hire London

40 years of experience in the industry have helped us to shape Wall to Wall Communications into one of the leaders in handheld radio hire in London and across the UK. We’ve worked with businesses from a vast range of different industries and of every size, ensuring our clients reap all the benefits which handheld radio has to offer. Our tailored service is designed with your unique requirements and desires in mind, creating peace of mind that you’re making the most of your handheld radio hire in London. We’re so confident that any business can benefit from our handheld radios that we also offer a no strings attached 7 day free trial to all potential clients so they can give our radios a go with no obligation.

Our service doesn’t stop when you receive your handheld radios, as our on call specialists are on hand to help with any issues which you may encounter with the radios. Our specialists are trained to an exceptionally high level, ensuring that our unparalleled service continues at every stage of your interaction with us.

Need your handheld radios fast? If you’re based in London we can arrange next day delivery in many cases.

Handheld Radio Hire London

Handheld Radio Hire London

As one of the biggest tourist cities in all of Europe, not just the UK, London always has a whole host of different events and attractions to see, do and explore. Whatever it is you’re into, you’re bound to find an event which you’ll enjoy almost every night of the week.

Although these events may differ in genre, audience, location and size, these events will still need to prioritise communication if they are to be a success. Handheld radio hire helps event organisers to contact all the different teams involved in the show, allows security teams to secure the area and are invaluable when crisis or high pressure moments occur. Wall to Wall have supplied handheld radio to a huge selection of different events, from small events to more recognisable ones such as Reading Festival, The Commonwealth Games and The Dulux Colour Run. Whatever your event, handheld radio should be one of the first things on your list of priorities and Wall to Wall Communications should be the supplier written right next to it.

Office Blocks

Handheld Radio Hire London

Anyone who has been to London knows that the whole city is absolutely covered in office blocks. Housing so many businesses in such a limited space has meant that more and more office blocks have popped up around the capital. While this has been effective in fitting in more companies in a small space, other issues have risen as a result.

The main issue which our London clients have time and time again, is an over reliance on mobile phones. In areas where a lot of people are tightly packed, it’s not uncommon for phone signal to suffer. Many find that in London their phone signal is poor, inconsistent, or simply doesn’t work at all. Handheld radios are the perfect alternative when such a problem occurs, as they use their own signal which is completely separate to mobile phone signal.

Handheld radios can also benefit office spaces when it comes to safety and security. They allow instant and clear contact between security teams and management, which can make the difference in times of danger or alarm. Our radios come with a range of different features which are designed to be used by security teams and aid every aspect of their work.

Two Way Radio Hire for Offices in London

Two Way Radio Hire for Offices in London

London is one of the business capitals of Europe. As such, office blocks have taken over England’s capital – with offices of every shape and size occupying the limited space. Home to both small start-ups and huge multinational corporations, London is the place to be when conducting business. It’s not all positives, however, as there are some downsides to having so many different brands in one place. This is where radio hire for offices comes in.

Whether it’s security, communication or dodgy mobile phone signal, two way radio hire can be the perfect solution you need. We’ve created this guide as to how adopting two way radio hire in your London office block can change the way your business works for the better.

Why Wall to Wall Communications

wall to wall comms

Wall to Wall Communications are experts in the field of two way radio hire, providing communication solutions to companies from a range of different industries, both London an throughout the UK. We pride ourselves on really getting to know each of our clients to ensure we can tailor the products and services we provide to their own unique requirements and ensure that we always have the most advanced and innovative products available. We also provide training on the use of our two way radios so you can start reaping their benefits as soon as possible.

Each of our on-call specialists has completed extensive training to ensure that in the unlikely event of a radio having issues, we will fix these in a professional and timely manner.

If you’re interested in trying two way radio but not sure if you’re ready to commit? We offer a 7 day trial with no obligation of purchase. We’re that confident that two way radio will benefit you.

In a rush? Special next day delivery can be arranged for businesses and office blocks based in London.

Benefits of Two way radio to Office Blocks and businesses

radio hire offices

One of the main issue which many of our clients have had in the past has been their reliance on mobile phones to do business. In confined spaces, such as in office blocks and in much of London, the phone signal which you receive it sub-par or completely non-existent. This can be detremental to the business, slowing down progress and coming across as less than professional. Two way radio can be a wonderful alternative when this problem arises. As they do not rely on mobile phone signal, they do not have these issues. They are also more practical when it comes to communicating with other members of the team at the same time, as well as our digital clarity feature ensuring that all messages are sent and received clearly.

The other main benefit of two way radio hire in London office blocks is it’s ability to enhance safety and security. In times of crisis, communication is key. Two way radio ensures that communication is always at an optimal level and all teams are able to contact one another at all times. Many of our radios incorporate sophisticated technology and features which are specifically designed to be used by security teams and aid in dangerous events.

Useful Features of Two Way Radio Hire

Man down Function: Designed to be used in cases of extreme danger by members of security, the man down function can be the difference between life and death. This feature alerts colleagues that the holder of the radio has been hurt or is in danger. This alerts others to either go and help or escape the potentially dangerous situation.

Digital Clarity: In an environment which is full of people it can be difficult to clearly hear what someone is saying during a conversation. With digital clarity this is no longer an issue. Make and receive messages with absolute confidence that both people can easily interpret and understand what the other is saying.

Voice record: Never forget a great idea again. As your two way radio is likely to be close by you can record messages to yourself or others and come back to them later when you need them.

Other features which which may be useful in an office block:

  • Voice encryption
  • Text Messaging
  • Accessories such as earpieces to allow for discrete but clear communication

Other industries Wall to Wall Communications supply to include; Construction, Events, Security, Hospitality Leisure, Auction Houses, Transportation, Retailers, Film Production, Banks and Hospitals.

Two Way Radio Hire for Every Event and Purpose

Two Way Radio Hire for Every Event and Purpose

London is one of the business capitals in the whole of Europe. It is the home of many head offices of some of the largest businesses in the world. Alongside this London is the base of businesses of every size and from an endless list of different industries thanks to its unique multicultural population and incredible tourism industry. With such a plethora of different businesses, much of the city has become saturated and full of huge offices which tightly pack companies next to one another. One of the main problems which this can cause is the deterioration of mobile phone signal which can have major implications to the business. Two way radio hire provides a cost effective solution which can have a number of different benefits to any business.

two way radio hire

Why Wall to Wall Communications

wall to wall comms

Wall to Wall Communications is the result of 40 years of experience in the industry, which has seen us create incredible communication solutions to a host of different businesses in and around London throughout that time. We are at the very forefront in terms of our products and in our customer care. We have gained such a wonderful reputation thanks to our bespoke experiences which ensure that each and every one of our clients is sufficiently trained and receive the products and services which are perfect for their own unique requirements. To ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with our service and the two way radios they receive, we also offer a no strings attached 7 day trial so you can be safe in the knowledge that our products are right for you and your business.

We don’t just provide great products, however, as we also have a team of highly trained on call specialists who ensure that our after service is impeccable too. In the unlikely event that one of our products does have issues then we aim to rectify the problem as quickly as possible to ensure that it doesn’t have an effect on your business.

For those London-based businesses in need of immediate solutions, we offer next day delivery on many of our products.


two way radio hire

As the capital of England and one of the biggest tourist destinations in Europe, you can be certain that London always has an abundance of different events happening each and every day. Whether it’s music, theatre or something completely wacky and different, London will have an event which is perfect for everyone.

Although the events in London may vary in size, location and genre, one priority which keeps each of them together is the essential need for effective communication. Communication has to be the number one priority when it comes to the running of an event. It ensures that the different teams and management are able to constantly contact one another and resolve issues, as well as ensuring that all teams and guests are maintained secure and safe from any threat. Two way radio hire is a tried and tested solution for ensuring this level of communication and Wall to Wall are some of the best when it comes to supplying.

We have worked with a whole range of different events of every shape and size and have even worked on some of the most high profile in the UK such as Reading Festival, The Commonwealth Games and The Dulux Colour Run! Whatever your event and whatever its size, contact us today to find out how we can provide you with the tailored service you need to ensure the event is a success.

Office Blocks

Most of the businesses which exist in London are run from office blocks. The huge number of businesses in the city mean that many are situated within close proximity. One of the major downsides associated with this is the loss of phone signal which may have a negative effect on the functioning of the business. One of the ways in which this is solved is through two way radio hire. These do not work in the same way as mobile phones and therefore do not have the same limitations.

Our two way radios are the perfect solution to communication issues within a business and office blocks as they provide immediate and digitally clear contact between 2 or more different people or teams at the same time. One of the major ways two way radio is implemented in office blocks is through security, who make use of the multiple features which comes with our radios.

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