Walkie Talkie hire for businesses | UK radio hire

Walkie Talkie hire for businesses | UK radio hire

Wall to Wall Communications are the leading specialist of walkie talkie  hire (two-way radio) in the UK. With over 39 years’ experience, our knowledgeable team understand the importance of communication to your business. When done effectively, communication can result in higher productivity and the smooth running of daily operations. We provide cheap walkie talkie solutions for both short and long term hire in the UK. Wall to Wall Communications are the authorised main dealers for all major walkie talkie manufacturers including Motorola. Motorola offer a number of cheap analogue, digital and license-free models to ensure non-stop communication in your business.

Analogue walkie talkies are suitable for businesses who want no-frills: a cheap communication method that is simple, reliable and easy to use. We currently stock 2 Motorola models, MOTOTRBO DP3441 and DP1400, which combine the functionality of analogue with the latest digital technology; well suited to construction sites, manufacturing plants and security businesses operating in the UK.

Hire a compact MOTOROLA walkie talkie set, that is durable and affordable.

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The Motorola MOTOTRBO DP3441 is rugged and compact, allowing you to keep in touch with your workforce without the added bulk. Improve your employee safety and efficiency with the integrated feature of GPS enabled location tracking. It also offers brilliant coverage with VHF and UHF frequencies capabilities, allowing the radio to be used both inside and outside with a wider range. Added benefits of this cheap yet durable model include resistance to dust, dirt and water. 

The Motorola MOTOTRBO DP1400 is another cheap but durable model offering features such as longer battery life, better voice quality and greater coverage. The Motorola DP1400 model has undergone rigorous testing by Motorola, so you can be confident this walkie talkie will withstand the test of time, whether you select a short or long term hire. The radio has been designed with usability and ergonomics in mind, allowing users access to all the controls even whilst wearing gloves. It even offers a transmit interrupt capability enabling a supervisor to interrupt the users and deliver critical communication ensuring the safety of your employees. 

Customisable digital walkie talkies to hire

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Fully digital walkie talkies provide many unique benefits ideal for businesses in the UK that need a cheap, customisable and uninterrupted communication solution. Wall to Wall Communications stock a number of cheap digital Motorola models, available with short and long term hire, each equipped with features to increase productivity and safety through efficient communication. Such as the latest and very impressive MOTOTRBO DP4800/4801 model from Motorola. This walkie talkie can handle almost anything with the capability to support up to 1,000 channels, integrated GPS, Bluetooth and a fully submersible (up 1 meter for 30 minutes) body sealed against wind and dust. For a digital walkie talkie that pulls out all the stops the fully-featured Motorola DP4801EX ATEX offers integrated GPS and text messaging for outstanding voice and data communications. The DP4801 ATEX can be customised with a number of productivity-enhancing applications such as location tracking, email gateways and man-down functions to ensure your business is operating at full efficiency.

Long term two way radio hire in the UK

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License free radios are great for cheap short and long term hire; with no licensing to set up you can use your new radio straight away. The Motorola XT460 boasts enhanced audio quality to cope with high noise environments and a rugged design that meets military specifications! It offers 8 channels and 219 user selectable privacy codes to ensure a clear signal across your workforce. The easy to read display and four programme buttons allows operation by even the novice of walkie talkie users. We recommend the Motorola XT460 for small businesses in the UK, who require cheap on-site communication, such a schools and leisure centres.

Two way radio hire from Wall to Wall Communications

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Wall to Wall Communications offer a diverse array of Motorola walkie talkies that enable you to efficiently coordinate and communicate with your workforce; so you are guaranteed to find a cheap communication solution suited to your business in the UK. We offer short and long term, allowing you to take advantage of the benefits of two-way radios without the high initial outlay of purchasing. 

Security Radio Hire London

Security Radio Hire London

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London is a bustling hub of business, culture and events – this capital city attracts millions of people each year. The densely packed city centre provides its own challenges for communication, from its signal-deflecting buildings to high population. With the potential footfall to your business or event, security is of the utmost importance to guarantee the safety of both your staff and customers. Here at Wall to Wall Communications we offer a number of bespoke solutions to your security requirements. Our two-way radio systems provide efficient and private communication channels for short and long-term hire.

Security radio hire for offices

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Two-way radios provide an uninterrupted signal, even when mobile service and landlines are unavailable. We also offer a telephone interconnect service, integrating with your telephones with your security radio system. Security radios have a number of uses in an office setting including access control and emergency communication. They provide an excellent solution for offices in London, which need uniterupted security radio communications or struggle with signal in the city tower blocks.

Enhance your office security through access control using two-way radio systems. By monitoring your visitors and deliveries you can minimise risk to your employees and streamline operations saving time and money. With a touch of a button you will be able to find out if your visitor or delivery is expected and make sure they end up in the correct place!

Ensure the safety of your employees and visitors by using security radios for emergency communication. In the event of an evacuation, a number of employees can be contacted at once to relay a clear plan. Most of our two-way radios are fully portable to make sure communication never ceases. Typical safety features include emergency call, man down and location functions; to allow your security team quick response to an incident. 

Our radio systems are simple and fuss-free. However, we do offer expert training so that your employees can get the most out of your office security radio system. 

Security radio hire for events

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London is home to a growing number of events, celebrating the rich history of the city and the many cultures that can be found there. Security radio systems are pivotal to these events, from planning to execution to the ongoing safety of staff and attendees. Events require a clear channel of communication to see that it runs smoothly and event-goers can enjoy themselves knowing they are safe. 

Two-way radios allow for management and communication across all aspects of the festival; staff, participants, security, infrastructure, and health and safety. We can provide specialised radios with features specific to event communications. In large music festivals, noise-cancelling abilities are important so that all communication can be heard. Discrete earpieces and microphones are suitable to smaller events where security should be more unobtrusive such as exhibitions or where private conversations are taking place.

We have worked with a number clients, to ensure the best security radio solutions for their events across London. 

Working on a tight deadline? We understand that things move quickly in London, so contact us today as we are able to offer next day delivery in many circumstances. 

What Radio might be suitable for my security office or event needs in London?

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For a compact yet durable solution that is easy to hear over the hustle and bustle of the office, or crowds of event-goers, we recommend Icom IC-F2000 radio. The Icom IC-F2000 is also available in 6 different variations to suit your needs. The Motorola MotoTRBO DP3600 radio is suitable for multi-site offices or events, with a wide ranging signal and compatibility with antenna systems and telephone interconnect for seamless communication. In fact, we recently installed this system in the University of Greenwich in London, which you can check out in our case studies.

Security radio hire is a cost effective and efficient solution to the challenges posed by London’s landscape and footfall. Clear communication is vital for the success of your business or event.

Wall to Wall Communications are the authorised main dealer or direct suppliers for all major two-way radio manufacturers including Motorola, Hytera and Icom. We pride ourselves in providing the best radio equipment for your needs. 

With experience in supplying both small and large security radio systems, our knowledgeable team can put together a package tailored to the size of your office or event. As a ISO 9001:2015 certified and quality-controlled company, you can be assured that our partnership with your business will be taken seriously. We are passionate about delivering excellent customer care and the latest products.

Other industries Wall to Wall Communications supply to include; Construction, Events, Hospitality Leisure, Auction Houses, Transportation, Retailers, Film Production, Banks and Hospitals.

Two Way Radio Hire for Offices in London

Two Way Radio Hire for Offices in London

London is one of the business capitals of Europe. As such, office blocks have taken over England’s capital – with offices of every shape and size occupying the limited space. Home to both small start-ups and huge multinational corporations, London is the place to be when conducting business. It’s not all positives, however, as there are some downsides to having so many different brands in one place. This is where radio hire for offices comes in.

Whether it’s security, communication or dodgy mobile phone signal, two way radio hire can be the perfect solution you need. We’ve created this guide as to how adopting two way radio hire in your London office block can change the way your business works for the better.

Why Wall to Wall Communications

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Wall to Wall Communications are experts in the field of two way radio hire, providing communication solutions to companies from a range of different industries, both London an throughout the UK. We pride ourselves on really getting to know each of our clients to ensure we can tailor the products and services we provide to their own unique requirements and ensure that we always have the most advanced and innovative products available. We also provide training on the use of our two way radios so you can start reaping their benefits as soon as possible.

Each of our on-call specialists has completed extensive training to ensure that in the unlikely event of a radio having issues, we will fix these in a professional and timely manner.

If you’re interested in trying two way radio but not sure if you’re ready to commit? We offer a 7 day trial with no obligation of purchase. We’re that confident that two way radio will benefit you.

In a rush? Special next day delivery can be arranged for businesses and office blocks based in London.

Benefits of Two way radio to Office Blocks and businesses

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One of the main issue which many of our clients have had in the past has been their reliance on mobile phones to do business. In confined spaces, such as in office blocks and in much of London, the phone signal which you receive it sub-par or completely non-existent. This can be detremental to the business, slowing down progress and coming across as less than professional. Two way radio can be a wonderful alternative when this problem arises. As they do not rely on mobile phone signal, they do not have these issues. They are also more practical when it comes to communicating with other members of the team at the same time, as well as our digital clarity feature ensuring that all messages are sent and received clearly.

The other main benefit of two way radio hire in London office blocks is it’s ability to enhance safety and security. In times of crisis, communication is key. Two way radio ensures that communication is always at an optimal level and all teams are able to contact one another at all times. Many of our radios incorporate sophisticated technology and features which are specifically designed to be used by security teams and aid in dangerous events.

Useful Features of Two Way Radio Hire

Man down Function: Designed to be used in cases of extreme danger by members of security, the man down function can be the difference between life and death. This feature alerts colleagues that the holder of the radio has been hurt or is in danger. This alerts others to either go and help or escape the potentially dangerous situation.

Digital Clarity: In an environment which is full of people it can be difficult to clearly hear what someone is saying during a conversation. With digital clarity this is no longer an issue. Make and receive messages with absolute confidence that both people can easily interpret and understand what the other is saying.

Voice record: Never forget a great idea again. As your two way radio is likely to be close by you can record messages to yourself or others and come back to them later when you need them.

Other features which which may be useful in an office block:

  • Voice encryption
  • Text Messaging
  • Accessories such as earpieces to allow for discrete but clear communication

Other industries Wall to Wall Communications supply to include; Construction, Events, Security, Hospitality Leisure, Auction Houses, Transportation, Retailers, Film Production, Banks and Hospitals.

Security Radio Hire London

Two way radio hire London | Two way Radios | Wall to Wall Communications

Wall to Wall specialise in two way radio hire across the United Kingdom, however London is the home of many of our past and present clients who have utilised two way radio in their businesses with great success. Two way radio hire helps to ease and fix a number of issues which businesses in London are facing each and every day. As companies grow, so too does the need for effective and efficient communication. The communication be be required to allow the day to day activities of the business to run smoothly or may be to ensure the safety and security of every member of the company.

Many London-based businesses also find that the signal which they receive to their existing telecommunications devices may be unreliable or non-existent due to the saturation of people and devices in small areas. As such, many businesses are turning towards two way radio as a solution to this issue.

Why Wall to Wall Communications

Wall to Wall Communications are specialists in B2B two way radio hire which is exemplified by our 40 years of experience in the industry. Over that time we have developed a service and experience which we’re extremely proud of and has brought about great success to clients from a broad range of different industries.

Our products and services are some of the best available today, and our tailored service ensures that each and every one of our clients receives the products which they need to fully benefit from two way radio hire.

Businesses in London can benefit from our next day delivery service, as well as our 7 day free trial where you can try our products for 7 days with no risk and no obligation of purchase.

We’ll look after you after the initial rental too – as our highly trained, specialist team are on call to help you in the unlikely event that you do have any problems with your radios. This ensures that issues are fixed efficiently and quickly.

Industries which benefit from two way radio hire in London

Our products and services are designed to cater for a wide range of different business types. We have worked with clients in security, offices, events, construction, education, hospitality and many more. If you’re interested in learning more about some of our previous clients, and the success which they have found from two way radio hire then please visit https://walltowallcomms.co.uk/find-your-radio/

We’ve found in the past that many of the ways two way radio hire can benefit a business may be unclear, therefore we’ve outlined of the most popular industries who use two way radio and how they are benefitting.


With a population in the tens of millions, it’s no surprise that London is the number one host of events and celebrations in the whole of the UK. Although each of the events which take place may be different and provide a different form of entertainment to viewers, many of the requirements which each of these events have in their running will have similarities. Two way radio has become a necessity at the majority of events in ensuring the safety and security of everyone involved, as well as being a valuable tool used to organise the running of the event.

We at Wall to Wall have worked with many high-profile events such as Reading Festival, The Commonwealth Games and The Dulux Colour Run! Regardless of event size, location or genre, two way radio hire should be one of you key considerations.

Our radios come with a number of different features which can help in the organisation of any event. Effective communications allows event organisers and members of different teams to easily and instantly transmit messages, meaning that everyone is on the same page and any possible issues can be fixed as quickly as possible.

Office Blocks

Everywhere you turn in London, there is a plethora of office blocks which each house one or multiple different businesses. Although office blocks are fantastic at combatting the huge population of businesses in the capital, they do come with some drawbacks. One of the main ones is that due to the large amount of people who are working in a small space, mobile phone signal can become unreliable or completely unusable.

Many of our clients have complained of this issue and have sought to implement two way radio as an alternative means of communication. Our radios do not use mobile phone signal and benefit from digital communication, which means they’re reliable at sending and receiving crystal clear messages regardless of how many people or devices are in close proximity.

Another of the key benefits of two way radio hire in office blocks comes in the form of security. Not only do radios, provide security teams a way to contact one another and other teams in the company, but our radios also come with a whole spectrum of other features which are specifically designed to enhance the safety and security of your organisation.

One of the features which is especially useful in severely dangerous situations, is the the man down function. This feature alerts other members of the team that this person is in danger or hurt, allowing colleagues to come to the aid of this person and put in place precautions to other team members to reduce their risk. When it comes to situations such as these, features like the man down function can be the difference between life and death.

Other features which are useful to office blocks and security include:

  • Location tracking
  • Voice encryption
  • Text messaging
  • Voice record
Radio Hire London

Radio Hire London

Radio Hire London

Radio hire in London with a continually growing number of businesses, has become essential. Strong communication between different team members in a business is a requirement in a city with a huge population, as well as tightly packed buildings. These along with huge underground projects,  mean that often the signal for telecommunications isn’t at the level which businesses need it to be in order to operate effectively so radio hire provides a cost-effective alternative which can prove to be extremely advantageous to your business.

Why Wall to Wall Communications

Wall to Wall communications is born from over 40 years in the industry, therefore we know the importance of being at the forefront of technology advances. We pride ourselves in being at the front of the pack in terms of not only our products but our service and customer care. We aim to meet your every need by providing tailored experiences to all of our clients which match our aim of being the best in the business. We’re so confident that we provide the best service possible, that we provide a free 7-day trial as standard to our customers both inside of London and throughout the UK.

You can be confident that you are in the right hands, as our on-call specialists and teams ensure that we provide a fantastic after-service too. When your radios go down, we understand that this can completely stop the communication within your business so aim to fix any issues as quickly and painlessly, as possible.

We also offer next day delivery for those who are in special need for our radio hire in London.

Industries which may benefit from radio hire in London

Our radios are designed to cater for a number of different industries and our clients have had great success in more than a few different types of business, such as security, offices, events, construction, education, hospitality and many more. If you would like more details in the businesses which we have catered for previously, check out https://walltowallcomms.co.uk/find-your-radio/.

You may be wondering how your business may benefit from radio hire in London, therefore we have outlined some of the most popular uses we have seen in some of the different industries from which our previous customers come:

Office Blocks

Office blocks can be the main victims of poor telephone signal due to the high saturation of people within them. Therefore, our radios can be the perfect solution to this problem and are even able to operate on multiple frequencies in many cases. Moreover, many features of our radios can be especially useful in the office block setting, primarily if you are seeking a solution for your security. Some of the features we’ve found most useful in this have been:

  • Location tracking
  • Man-down functions
  • Voice encryption
  • Text messaging
  • Voice record

Events and Celebrations

London is the number one destination in the UK for events, with there always something to do or see. Each of these events is generally highly organised and must prioritise communication to ensure the safety and security of customers.

At Wall to Wall Communications, we have had the pleasure of working alongside many large events such as Reading Festival, The Commonwealth Games and The Dulux Colour Run! Whether your event is big or small, we can help you get the most effective communications systems for you.

Our radios can be greatly beneficial in maintaining high standards at your events, ensuring that all staff are on the same page and messages can be transferred instantly and easily. An essential tool for any professional celebration, hiring radios enable greater levels of communication.

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