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Since being established in 1995, Entel radios have been dedicated to becoming leading industry providers of two-way radio communications equipment. Radios from Entel are designed and manufactured from start to finish by the company, meaning they are able to uphold their highest standards, whilst also developing a reputation for having exacting standards of innovation, quality and excellence. Entel’s consumers span the globe and have a number of different clienteles, with industries such as Government and Defence, Oil & Gas & Marine being industries of particular importance.

Users of Entel will be able to confidently communicate between land–based and maritime applications. With products having been designed without compromise and with a winning mix of quality and value, Entel has won some of the most prominent commercial contracts in the communications industry in recent years.


What Makes an Entel Radio?

Entel specializes in making a number of different radio communications equipment. These include – but are not limited to – two-way radios (walkie talkies), POC terminals, analogue radios, digital mobile radios (DMRs), private servers and hazard-proof equipment. Their products are split into ones for land use and ones for maritime use.

Commercial grade portables with Intrinsically Safe and Non-Intrinsically Safe choices are available for maritime-specific devices. They offer very loud audio and are built to survive the daily rigours of aquatic settings. They are the most robust and durable marine portables on the market because to their outstanding MIL-STD 810/C/D/E&F construction and unique IP68 submergibility (2 metres depth for 4 hours).

Land devices are not too dissimilar and offer the same standards and quality. These devices tend to be more varied with each product tailored to specific use cases. The key similarity between devices is that they are created without compromise to produce loud and clear audio utilising the latest noise reduction technologies, from entry level to sophisticated MPT1327 trunked variations. The radios are made of commercial grade materials and are built to resist the harshest situations.


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If you want to buy an Entel radio, the professionals at Wall to Wall Communications can gladly walk you through the features of any of the devices. Experts can show you how to set up and use your device, as well as modify it to meet the needs of your team.

The radios shown above are just a sample of the devices available from Entel, so be sure to check out our whole selection before making a purchase. If you are considering buying an Entel two-way radio or have any questions about the purchase or maintenance of your communication devices, please contact one of our experts.

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