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Leaky Feeder

The co-axial cable between a transmitter and an antenna is also called a feeder cable. Usually, a feeder cable is designed to keep the transmitted signal within it and any potential interference signals out. A leaky feeder is a special feeder…

Trunked Systems

Wall to Wall Radio Communications is proud to be working with Fylde Micro Ltd, co founders and current world leader in the design and manufacture of MPT1327 trunked radio networks. Delivering the first ever true MPT1327 system to BT back…

Two Way Radio Hire Over The Festive Season

It's never too early to start thinking about two-way radio hire over the festive season! So with the festive season around the corner, we at Wall to Wall Communications think it is time to start getting excited about the festive season…

Digital Radio Makes A Difference

7 Unexpected Benefits of Digital Two-Way Radios Licensed, professional two-way radios have made a huge impact to the way in which we communicate to each other throughout the decades. They have been providing great support in emergencies…