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Motorola Solutions is one of, if not the biggest radio communications provider in the world. Currently, the organization has over 100,000 customers spanning over 100 countries, where they have set up a total of 13,000 networks. Back in 2011 Motorola Solutions, Inc. succeeded Motorola, Inc. as a provider of video equipment, telecommunications equipment, software, systems, and services in the United States. Motorola Inc. was founded over 80 years ago, with significant experience in the communications industry. Suffice to say, Motorola Solutions know what they’re doing when it comes to radio communications.

They lie at the forefront of cutting-edge technology in the industry, averaging over $500 million spend in research and development over the past 5 years, meaning the company is constantly looking to incorporate innovative solutions into their products.


What To Expect From a Motorola Radio

Motorola Solutions radios are commonly used in all kinds of industries, due to their versatile nature and high-quality products. These include, but are not limited to, education, healthcare, hospitality, oil & gas, military defence, public safety, and transportation. Their reputation for reliable communication, as well as dependable and well-made devices, has made them a popular choice in these industries. All of Motorola’s devices have to undergo rigorous testing which simulates 5 years’ worth of device usage, meaning they are all expected to have a fantastic degree of longevity within each of its products.

Having had a background in mobile devices over the past few decades, Motorola has been able to implement some of its advanced high-end features into its range of radio communication devices. Some of these features include functionality such as advanced noise cancellation, crisp and clear audio quality, advanced screen technologies with a high colour gamut, and an excellent network range. They have also struck a good balance between their upper tier offerings and their more inexpensive line-up. Frankly, for some people, an OLED screen isn’t necessary for their communication needs. Thankfully, Motorola does an excellent job on their entry-level products by making sure they include more essential features like man-down functionality, programmable buttons and Bluetooth 4.0, without including potentially unnecessary features.

If you are in the market for a Motorola Solutions radio, the experts at Wall to Wall Communications can gladly walk you through the features of any of the devices. Experts can show you how to set up and utilise your device, as well as customise it to match your team’s needs.

The radios featured above are only a small selection of those available from Motorola, so be sure to browse our whole inventory before making a purchase. If you are thinking about purchasing a Motorola Solutions two-way radio, or if you have any concerns about the purchase or maintenance of your communication equipment, please contact one of our experts.

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