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Icom was initially founded in 1974 and established as Thanet Electronics. The company started out as a retailer and distributor of radios, focussing primarily on the amateur radio market. Today, the company stands as a leading distributor of radio communication devices in the UK, with specific expertise in the aviation, marine and two-way radios while they remain to be highly involved in the amateur radio market. Currently, Icom is based in Herne Bay in the UK with a team of over 30 people and has over 1000 accounts in the UK and overseas. Products involved in its business can be characterized by quality products and excellent service.

Now, with over 50 years of experience manufacturing and designing cutting-edge radio technologies, Icom boasts an impressive range of radio systems, including Two Way Radio for Business (PMR/ PBR); ATEX radio; LTE/PoC Radio; IP radio; Satellite PTT Radio; Amateur radio; Receivers/Scanners; D-STAR digital Amateur radio; Marine radio; AIS Equipment; GMDSS commercial maritime radio; aviation/Airband radio; and licence free walkie talkies (PMR446). Its two-way radios provide organizations and workers with a multitude of fantastic features such as including 6.25 kHz channel spacing and mixed-mode operation for digital and analogue, among others. Their products can be used to improve operational efficiency, enhance the range and coverage of local radio networks, and reduce the stress of having faulty communication systems.


What to Expect From an Icom Radios

With their extensive experience in the field of two-way radios, Icom can guarantee a quality product made to the appropriate standards of any organization. Their products have been produced in a cost-efficient way, allowing organizations to obtain the next generation of two-way radio technology without breaking the bank.

Devices will be able to last a full working day on one charge, and will consistently be able to provide crisp and clear audio for everyone operating within a network. Reduced outages, reliable and durable devices, clear audio and a system that integrates with other products seamlessly can all be expected from Icom devices.

If you wish to buy an Icom radio, the professionals at Wall to Wall Communications can gladly guide you through the features of any of the devices. Experts can show you how to set up and use your device, as well as how to customise it to meet the needs of your team.

The devices shown above are only a sampling of the radios available from Icom, so be sure to check out our whole selection before making a purchase. If you are considering acquiring an Icom two-way radio, or if you have any questions concerning the purchase or maintenance of your communication devices, please contact one of our specialists.

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