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Quality Policy 2024




To provide 2 way radio wireless communications, installation and bespoke system planning services.



To ensure ability with changing technology, a small workforce within a growing industry that has a large number of competitors.


Strategic Direction

Provide superior services to edge out competition, maintain existing client relationships and expand into new markets internationally.

Wall To Wall Communications Ltd is committed to the management of mutually beneficial relationships between clients, employees and suppliers. We will work together in the implementation of this policy and in continually improving the quality of the products and services it supplies. In doing this we will enhance the expertise of our employees by periodic training to ensure up to date knowledge and proficiency.

Wall To Wall Communications Ltd pledge continual improvement of our services and proudly adhere to ISO 9001:2015 requirements for excellence. It is essential that we meet or exceed our customers’ expectations to guarantee satisfaction and loyalty.

This Quality Policy will be reviewed at regular intervals within management reviews to certify that it continues to be effective and meet customer expectations.

Though the CEO has ultimate responsibility for the Quality Policy, all employees also have a responsibility within their own areas of work helping to ensure that a Quality ethos is embedded within the whole company.



Sam Cohen – CEO
April 2024

Issue Date: August 2017
Review Date: March 2025

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