Simoco is one of the world’s leading providers of portable mobile radios. The company specialises in building communication networks for companies in the public and private sectors, particularly for companies that rely on effective communications for mission-critical operations. They offer both individual products and system-wide solutions for integrated and bespoke communication solutions. Simoco was founded over 80 years ago in the UK and has earned itself a reputation for providing effective and reliable communications. At the crux of their efforts lies a forward-thinking strategy that is always developing new solutions for a digitally-driven future, and their legacy is all the more reason for their being dependable.

Whilst all of their different types of product offerings have garnered a positive reaction from industry professionals, their digital repeaters in particular represent a brilliant all-around solution to extend the reach of digital radios that are using similar types of digital technologies by using cutting-edge innovations.


What To Expect From Simoco Radios

Simoco radios are developed for customers with both basic and complicated communication needs, including all of their technologies in a portable that is both easy to use and highly configurable. Their devices have simple displays for quick word channel identification, customizable keys, and easy up and down channel changing. Their audio is characterized by loud and clear speakers, with excellent microphone technologies to pick up everything that is said. Optional features on many of their products include man down and lone worker function. Most of their products also include features such as Bluetooth, IP68 ratings, military-grade durability certifications and programmable buttons. The feature set will vary depending on the portable radio model.

Simoco’s digital repeaters make communications between radio users more efficient, with improved clarity and crisper digital speech. The repeater and its antenna do this by receiving originating signals on one frequency and concurrently retransmitting (repeating) the signal on a second frequency. Simoco repeaters are slim-line setups that use high-end technology to improve the quality of both digital and analogue communication networks.

If you are considering purchasing a Simoco radio, the specialists at Wall-to-Wall Communications can guide you through the features of any of the devices. Experts can show you how to set up and use your device, as well as how to customize it to meet the needs of your team.

The goods shown above are only a sampling of the radios available from Simoco, so be sure to browse our whole selection before making a purchase. If you are considering acquiring a Simoco two-way radio, or if you have any questions concerning the purchase or maintenance of your communication devices, please contact one of our specialists.

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