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Hytera was founded in Shenzen China in 1993 and has since rapidly expanded to become a world leader in providing radio communications. Today, with their lineup of top-of-the-line two-way radios, they are a leading provider of professional communications technologies and solutions. In customer cases, Hytera offers quicker, safer, and more adaptable connections for corporate and mission-critical customers with voice, video, and data capabilities. Customers of Hytera are able to do more in both routine operations and emergency reactions, which improves the effectiveness and safety of the entire world. 


What Is Hytera Known For?

The company is known within the sector for offering high-quality, dependable, and cost-effective solutions for people and companies in need of improved communication capabilities. In order to support its clients in being the best in Public Safety, Energy, Transportation, Utilities, Commercial, and other industry verticals, Hytera has a record of continually investing in technology development and application innovation. Their class-leading research and development have resulted in them being able to provide two-way radios with some of the most advanced feature sets available on the market. The company is also dedicated to promoting the most open communication standards from narrowband to broadband, including TETRA, DMR, PDT, and LTE.

Additionally, Hytera includes a number of the top sub-brands in the sector. HMF, based in Bad Münder, Germany, is an expert in readily available secure radio communication technologies like TETRA, LTE/5G, and DMR; Teltronic, based in Zaragoza, Spain, is well-known for developing TETRA systems in the rail transit industry; and Norsat, based in Vancouver, Canada, is the top manufacturer of professional satellite communications equipment in the world, so it’s unsurprising they are able to leverage these different corporations and industries to their advantage. Across the world, they have over 100 offices with 40% of the workforce focussing on research and development.


What Makes A Hytera Radio?

Digital and analogue radios are the most typical types of Hytera radios. Many of the Hytera products are equipped with cutting-edge features and capabilities that aren’t necessarily included in other two-way radios. Among them, but not exclusively, are audio equalisation, remote worker features, Bluetooth 4.0, AI-based active noise cancellation, man-down features, and custom programmability via user interfaces or buttons. Each radio Hytera offers has a unique set of characteristics, and there are undoubtedly some simpler product options that have more of an emphasis on use and efficiency.

Their reach in other adjacent industries such as satellite communications has helped build Hytera’s reputation for offering radios that have exceptional reach and clarity across all available channels and frequencies.

Radio experts at Wall to Wall Communications would be happy to guide you through the features of any Hytera radio if you’re interested in purchasing one. Our professionals can show you how to set up your device so that it best meets the needs of your team. They can also take you through how to set up and use your device.

To get a better idea of the radios Hytera has to offer, check out our whole selection of their radios before making a purchase. Get in touch with one of our specialists if you’re considering buying a Hytera two-way radio or if you have any questions concerning the purchase or upkeep of your communication gear.

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