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TAIT Axiom is a leading communications and telecommunications company based in the United States, that specializes in providing products that enhance organizational communications, as well as critical communications systems such as LMR, LTE, Satellite, and Wi-Fi. Their 50 years of experience in radio qualifies them as a top-tier provider of critical communications to its customers, and as a company, they aim to be providers of the most cutting-edge technologies. TAIT’s commitment to its consumers is to allow users to venture beyond radio coverage via broadband networks, boost the range of productivity and ensure work continues beyond the edges of the network edge.

By converting to a fleet powered by TAIT communications, customers can reasonably expect to create automated processes that improve situational awareness by actively monitoring and collecting data from cars, IoT devices, sensors, or any connected service, and then triggering reactions that alert your workforce and inform operations.

Outside of bespoke solutions, TAIT also provides individual products such as digital two-way radios, body-worn devices, analogue radios, digital mobile radios (DMRs) and P45s.


What Makes a Tait Radio?

TAIT radios are designed to ensure information always gets through, which can be achieved by automatically switching to the strongest signal using Wi-Fi, dual SIM LTE or LMR. Their line-up can be mostly characterized as having advanced features such as advanced noise-cancelling technology as well as crisp and loud speakers for clear audio communication. Their full-colour OLED screens are both functional and accessible, with their brightness allowing for use in sunny conditions or whilst wearing protective glasses or masks.

Their internal batteries are also powerful and are all rechargeable. Infield charging, solutions are available as accessories for most of their product lines too. Heads-up operating controls, such as a rotary dial and specialised buttons, are second nature to long-term radio users and simple for newcomers to grasp. Mounting options for their larger radios or radios designed for vehicular usage are also available.

Industries that frequently select TAIT as their provider of radios include emergency first responders, oil and gas miners, workers in the energy industry, security personnel, police and law enforcement, the transportation industry, lorry drivers, the tourism industry and sports professionals among many others. 


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The devices detailed on this page represent only a small sample of the radios available from TAIT, so be sure to view our entire selection before making a purchase. If you are considering acquiring a TAIT two-way radio, or if you have any questions concerning the purchase or maintenance of your communication devices, please contact one of our specialists.

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