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OfCom License Management

Ofcom is the UK’s communication regulator and is responsible for managing civilian use of the radio spectrum. OFCOM operate under several Acts of Parliament, the Communications Act 2003.

Any individual or business that uses two-way radios in the UK (excluding low power 446 units) require a licence supplied by OFCOM.

Where communication is critical, a Technically Assigned licence is allocated. The frequencies can only be used at the specific station/site address. For each channel required, a separate frequency is allocated.

  • The licence fees vary depending on requirement and location: –
  • PMR 446 – No Licence Required
  • Simple Site and Simple UK Light Licence from £75 for 5 years
  • Technically Assigned from £75 up to £1480 per annum per frequency
  • Area Defined from £75 up to £9900 (UK wide) per annum per frequency

What type of licence do I need?

Simple UK Light – This licence supports speech messages from handheld to handheld anywhere in the UK without the need for a base station. Users have shared access to a set number of frequencies and tones along with all customers who hold a Simple UK Light Licence.

Simple Site Light – For users that include a paging system or base station. The coverage area is required to be within the premises or perimeter of the site with a maximum of 3km.

Technically Assigned (Shared & Exclusive) – This licence is suitable for customers who wish to have a frequency assigned to them within a specified coverage area and for those that are using a repeater. Shared frequencies allow you to use the frequency up to 50% of the time and an exclusive frequency guarantees that you can use the frequency more than 50% of the time.

Area Defined – Allows the use of a frequency within a defined area of up to 50KM2 map square.

For assistance with applying for or managing your OFCOM licence, please call a member of our team on 020 8770 1007.

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