leaky feederThe co-axial cable between a transmitter and an antenna is also called a feeder cable. Usually, a feeder cable is designed to keep the transmitted signal within it and any potential interference signals out. A leaky feeder is a special feeder cable that is deliberately designed to radiate a controlled amount of signal out along its full length and also allow signals in to it. A leaky feeder effectively acts as a very long antenna.

Leaky feeders are typically used in shafts and along tunnels, e.g. underground where radio waves would usually have difficulty travelling.

Leaky feeders are usually mounted permanently to enable 24-hour communications but may be mounted temporarily, e.g. when communications are needed underground in an emergency.


leaky feederLeaky feeders are also known as radiating cables.

Wall to Wall Communications can advise when a leaky feeder / radiating cable will be the best option for your radio system. Relevant projects we have worked on, demonstrating the application of leaky feeder cable: Tottenham Court Road Station Upgrade and Cuilfail Tunnel.

If you would like to read about more successfully completed projects of Wall to Wall, please visit our Case Studies Section.

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