Making the decision to purchase any piece of equipment for your business can be difficult. Especially when it comes to something as vital as communication devices. Two-way radios and body cameras can be necessary purchases across many industries, including hospitality, construction, aviation, logistics, and even schools. Here at Wall to Wall Communications, we don’t take this decision lightly, and we want to make sure that you are buying the correct equipment for your team’s needs. So in this article, we will be talking about the brand Hytera and some of the key frequently asked questions we get asked about their range of equipment.

What is a Hytera Radio?

The Hytera brand has a selection of both professional and very versatile communication devices. These handheld digital devices offer a range of advanced features which many other models don’t. Such as possible GPS, Lone Worker, Emergency Alarm, Man Down, Bluetooth, and even Remote Monitor.  These pieces of equipment have been carefully engineered to be durable in most working environments, have optimal performance and ease of use.

An interesting example is the  Hytera PDC760 Multi-Mode Radio, which we have on offer here at Wall to Wall Communications. This PMR product truly offers a convergent platform for critical communications across DMR and LTE networks. Powered by Hytera’s very own operating system based on the Android platform, this device is hand-portable and can be described as a ruggedised smartphone. In addition, it also has a mission-critical positioning tracking tool and a third-party application hosting device. 

As well as their state-of-the-art radios, Hytera also provides body-worn cameras, which have helped law enforcement for many years. These cameras are perfect for gathering digital evidence which can easily be transported from the field, straight into the courtroom.

For example, our Hytera VM550 is our entry-level bodycam, which offers a compact and lightweight option compared to other models. This camera can aid in capturing evidence both accurately and efficiently, whilst still having a Full HD video capture. As well as this, the Hytera VM55O has a long list of other impressive features, such as 1080p HD video, a 139 degree diagonal lens, 7+ hours of continuous battery life, both wifi and Bluetooth access built-in.

How to Use a Hytera Radio

Once purchasing a Hytera Radio or body camera, our team here at Wall to Wall Communications will happily talk you through the functionality of any of the devices. We can show you how to set one up and how to use them, along with all the features, as well setting them up in a way that works best for your team’s needs.

With multiple years of experience in the communications industry, our team of experts can also offer training when either purchasing or hiring radios.  We believe it’s vital to not only provide the correct equipment for all of our clients but also to ensure that you know how to use them. Our main aim is to have your entire team feeling completely comfortable with new equipment and are able to use it in their day-to-day working lives. 

Who Owns Hytera and How To Pronounce It?

The Hytera manufacturers are based in China, and they make a range of transceivers and radio systems. This enterprise was founded in 1993 and now operates on a global scale, including right here in the UK. This company is one of the major suppliers when it comes to radios and even ranks as the second-largest global radio terminal manufacturer on the market right now. 

So how do you pronounce Hytera?

The word ‘Hytera’ is of Chinese origin and is pronounced with two syllables. Whilst the pronunciation differs from country to country, saying the brand’s name as ‘high-tera’ is accurate here in the United Kingdom. 

How to Reset Hytera Radio?

Like most professional radios, Hytera Walkie Talkies can be programmed to match the frequencies allocated to you by OFCOM. This process is referred to like programming and should be done by your radio provider. 

Wall To Wall Communications offers this as a free service when you buy radios. You may at some point need to change the frequencies in your radios, for example, if they are being moved to a different site that operates a different category of license. In this case, we are here to support you with any changes you need to make to the programming of your Hytera radios for as long as you own them.

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