Radio Hire London

Radio hire in London with a continually growing number of businesses, has become essential. Strong communication between different team members in a business is a requirement in a city with a huge population, as well as tightly packed buildings. These along with huge underground projects,  mean that often the signal for telecommunications isn’t at the level which businesses need it to be in order to operate effectively so radio hire provides a cost-effective alternative which can prove to be extremely advantageous to your business.

Why Wall to Wall Communications

Wall to Wall communications is born from over 40 years in the industry, therefore we know the importance of being at the forefront of technology advances. We pride ourselves in being at the front of the pack in terms of not only our products but our service and customer care. We aim to meet your every need by providing tailored experiences to all of our clients which match our aim of being the best in the business. We’re so confident that we provide the best service possible, that we provide a free 7-day trial as standard to our customers both inside of London and throughout the UK.

You can be confident that you are in the right hands, as our on-call specialists and teams ensure that we provide a fantastic after-service too. When your radios go down, we understand that this can completely stop the communication within your business so aim to fix any issues as quickly and painlessly, as possible.

We also offer next day delivery for those who are in special need for our radio hire in London.

Industries which may benefit from radio hire in London

Our radios are designed to cater for a number of different industries and our clients have had great success in more than a few different types of business, such as security, offices, events, construction, education, hospitality and many more. If you would like more details in the businesses which we have catered for previously, check out

You may be wondering how your business may benefit from radio hire in London, therefore we have outlined some of the most popular uses we have seen in some of the different industries from which our previous customers come:

Office Blocks

Office blocks can be the main victims of poor telephone signal due to the high saturation of people within them. Therefore, our radios can be the perfect solution to this problem and are even able to operate on multiple frequencies in many cases. Moreover, many features of our radios can be especially useful in the office block setting, primarily if you are seeking a solution for your security. Some of the features we’ve found most useful in this have been:

  • Location tracking
  • Man-down functions
  • Voice encryption
  • Text messaging
  • Voice record

Events and Celebrations

London is the number one destination in the UK for events, with there always something to do or see. Each of these events is generally highly organised and must prioritise communication to ensure the safety and security of customers.

At Wall to Wall Communications, we have had the pleasure of working alongside many large events such as Reading Festival, The Commonwealth Games and The Dulux Colour Run! Whether your event is big or small, we can help you get the most effective communications systems for you.

Our radios can be greatly beneficial in maintaining high standards at your events, ensuring that all staff are on the same page and messages can be transferred instantly and easily. An essential tool for any professional celebration, hiring radios enable greater levels of communication.

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