London is one of the business capitals of Europe. As such, office blocks have taken over England’s capital – with offices of every shape and size occupying the limited space. Home to both small start-ups and huge multinational corporations, London is the place to be when conducting business. It’s not all positives, however, as there are some downsides to having so many different brands in one place. This is where radio hire for offices comes in.

Whether it’s security, communication or dodgy mobile phone signal, two way radio hire can be the perfect solution you need. We’ve created this guide as to how adopting two way radio hire in your London office block can change the way your business works for the better.

Why Wall to Wall Communications

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Wall to Wall Communications are experts in the field of two way radio hire, providing communication solutions to companies from a range of different industries, both London an throughout the UK. We pride ourselves on really getting to know each of our clients to ensure we can tailor the products and services we provide to their own unique requirements and ensure that we always have the most advanced and innovative products available. We also provide training on the use of our two way radios so you can start reaping their benefits as soon as possible.

Each of our on-call specialists has completed extensive training to ensure that in the unlikely event of a radio having issues, we will fix these in a professional and timely manner.

If you’re interested in trying two way radio but not sure if you’re ready to commit? We offer a 7 day trial with no obligation of purchase. We’re that confident that two way radio will benefit you.

In a rush? Special next day delivery can be arranged for businesses and office blocks based in London.

Benefits of Two way radio to Office Blocks and businesses

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One of the main issue which many of our clients have had in the past has been their reliance on mobile phones to do business. In confined spaces, such as in office blocks and in much of London, the phone signal which you receive it sub-par or completely non-existent. This can be detremental to the business, slowing down progress and coming across as less than professional. Two way radio can be a wonderful alternative when this problem arises. As they do not rely on mobile phone signal, they do not have these issues. They are also more practical when it comes to communicating with other members of the team at the same time, as well as our digital clarity feature ensuring that all messages are sent and received clearly.

The other main benefit of two way radio hire in London office blocks is it’s ability to enhance safety and security. In times of crisis, communication is key. Two way radio ensures that communication is always at an optimal level and all teams are able to contact one another at all times. Many of our radios incorporate sophisticated technology and features which are specifically designed to be used by security teams and aid in dangerous events.

Useful Features of Two Way Radio Hire

Man down Function: Designed to be used in cases of extreme danger by members of security, the man down function can be the difference between life and death. This feature alerts colleagues that the holder of the radio has been hurt or is in danger. This alerts others to either go and help or escape the potentially dangerous situation.

Digital Clarity: In an environment which is full of people it can be difficult to clearly hear what someone is saying during a conversation. With digital clarity this is no longer an issue. Make and receive messages with absolute confidence that both people can easily interpret and understand what the other is saying.

Voice record: Never forget a great idea again. As your two way radio is likely to be close by you can record messages to yourself or others and come back to them later when you need them.

Other features which which may be useful in an office block:

  • Voice encryption
  • Text Messaging
  • Accessories such as earpieces to allow for discrete but clear communication

Other industries Wall to Wall Communications supply to include; Construction, Events, Security, Hospitality Leisure, Auction Houses, Transportation, Retailers, Film Production, Banks and Hospitals.

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