Can You Text With Walkie Talkies?

Can You Text With Walkie Talkies?


Two-way digital radios, also known as walkie talkies, are an effective way of maintaining a line of communication between your employees. Many different services use these devices such as blue light emergency services, events, hospitality, construction etc. Security companies often need two-way radios that are reliable, but also multifunctional as their roles change depending on the situation. Where it’s not possible to communicate through the voice function of two-way radios, it’s important to have another way of sending important updates to your colleagues. At Wall to Wall Communications, we provide digital two-way radios that offer instant messaging, which allows your business to maintain a line of communication in any eventuality that may occur in the field. If you need advice on what walkie talkie system is right for your business, please contact us today


How Do You Text On A Walkie Talkie?

Texting is a standard practice in the modern-day as many people use instant messaging to keep in touch with their friends and family. However, if you are used to only talking into a digital two-way radio it might present a new challenge, especially if you are in the field. However, once you understand how to use it, texting will offer your employees a safe backup to keep in touch with HQ whilst on patrol. Other benefits of using the text feature on a walkie talkie are:

  • Discreetly share real-time information
  • Safely keep in touch with colleagues
  • Get updates on employees whereabouts
  • Send directions to employees without disrupting their concentration

The texting feature is simple to use as most modern digital two-way radios include an intuitive, touch keypad that allows you to type your messages with ease. This is great when you’re dealing with an incident and you don’t want to escalate it by making a call for backup. The text feature is also useful when you may be working in a noisy environment that is hard to talk in, like a festival or concert.

If you want to learn more about digital two-way radios, you can read our Walkie Talkie 101: What Is A Two Way Radio blog

How Will Texting On A Walkie Talkie Benefit Your Business?

At Wall to Wall Communications, we believe that being able to text on digital two-way radios is best suited for industries that deal with the public like security, blue light services, events and hospitality. It enables security personnel to discreetly send messages to their colleagues without attracting too much attention to themselves. This may help staff to preempt a violent situation and request back-up before an incident endangers the safety of the public and themselves. It also enables security personnel to give real-time updates to members of staff back in the office, so people can monitor their location and assist in any volatile situation. Overall, this feature will benefit private security companies because it will enable everybody to stay in touch and offer assistance in situations that are difficult to control.

Walkie Talkie 101: What is a Two Way Radio?

Walkie Talkie 101: What is a Two Way Radio?

What is a Two-Way Radio? 

With over 40 years of experience working with radio communication at Wall to Wall, the two-way radio has been a groundbreaking piece of technology since it’s development over eight decades ago. But what is a two way radio? 

Capable of transmitting and receiving radio signals, two-way radios make light work of often complex situations, including busy events, internal communications, security and crowd control to name a few. As previously mentioned, a handheld, two-way radio – later more commonly known as a ‘Walkie Talkie’ – is a portable radio device. It stands alone within its kind as it transmits and receives radio communications, but also as a popular method of quick communication. The term ‘Walkie-Talkie’ was adopted by journalists as the phenomenon was publicly on the rise.

Two Way Radio

When was the Technology Invented?

The two-way radio was invented in 1937 by Donald Hings, a UK born Canadian inventor. He initially named his invention the ‘PackSet’, with other handled radio devices of a similar (even identical) nature referred to as ‘Two-Way Field Radios’ and ‘Wireless Sets’. The earliest device was 17 inches long and weighed around 5 pounds. It was rumoured that the first two-way radio was invented in 1933, however, these devices only communicated in code.

When the war broke out, British and German soldiers made heavy use of the radios and Hings’ C-58 PackSet model became iconic. Thousands were manufactured and distributed around the world because of the host of needs that had added to the model. As the War progressed, walkie talks were used for tank units and field artillery. Commonly made from metal, the radios became increasingly more popular in recreational use, then onto enhancing public safety and ultimately establishing their place in the world of commercial and construction projects. 

What is a Walkie Talkie Used For?

two way radioMany large scale corporations and businesses use these handheld communication devices and depend on their features to maintain operational flow within day-to-day operations, while the concept of a ‘Walkie Talkie’ is also highly common within smaller businesses and even children’s recreational play. In order to successfully use a two-way radio, each user must ensure they are tuned into the correct radio channel. Two-way radios come with a range of channels so more than one line of communication can be made at one time. 

Walkie Talkies, if used correctly, can be crucial to your business or project, helping to support instantaneous communication and provide enhanced protection and security. In return, two-way radios will ensure you can depend on reliable battery life and resilient signals. 

As time and technology have developed these devices, it’s more than likely for you to come across two-way radios today with a heap of additional features like weather alerts, LED flashlights and SOS signals.

Learn more about two-way radios by reading How to Use a Walkie Talkie, and Which Radio is Best for your Business.

At Wall to Wall Communications we have been providing two-way radio rental in the UK for over 40 years. Because of this, we like to think of ourselves as ‘radio experts’. If you and your business are thinking about hiring walkie talkies to enhance the levels of communication between workers, then do not hesitate to contact us to speak to one of our experts.

How to Use a Walkie Talkie

How to Use a Walkie Talkie

1) Choose your radio

There are a variety of radios from licence-free, POC, ATEX to digital radios. At Wall to Wall Communications we are a proud supplier of a wide range of radios designed for each purpose and price point. For help choosing your perfect radio you can read our blog post “Which Radio Is Best For You and Your Business” to get some ideas, or contact us here.

2) Set up

When you either rent or purchase a two way radio through Wall to Wall Communications, you will have an experienced team that will help you set it up. If you are using a licence-free radio, you will be able to begin using your walkie talkies straight away by tuning every radio into the same frequency. This can be done by turning the dial, usually at the top or on the side of the radio that says “channel” or “frequency”. Alternatively you can choose your frequency by navigating on the LCD display. Repeat this with every radio you plan on using, setting them all to the same channel or frequency. However, if your radio isn’t licence-free, you will need a licence from OFCOM. You can learn about these on our blog post “OFCOM Licence: All You Need To Know”. If you have any additional questions about OFCOM licences you can either call us on 0208 770 1007 or email us at

3) Test your radios

Before you start using your radios, it is important to test them before splitting them up. Start by turning the volume up on all the radios and press the “push to talk” (PTT) button. As you hold the button down, wait 1 to 2 seconds and then speak into the radio that you are holding 0.5 to 2 inches away from your face. Wait for the sound to come out of the other radios to confirm they are working. The “push to talk” button is typically the large button on the side of the radio. After the radios are working fine in close proximity, test them again once they are where you will be using them. This will allow you to test the signal strength and the radios range. If you are having any issues with this, do not hesitate to contact the Wall to Wall team as there are many ways we can help boost signal and voice clarity. 

4) Sending and receiving messages

Use the radios in the same way you tested them, repeating every time you want to send a message. After sending your message via walkie talkie ensure you release the PTT button to prevent it picking up cross-talk or white noise. 

5) After use

After using your radios it is important to turn them off and re-charge them ready for the next use. This is particularly important if you are planning on using your radios daily. 

6) Clean and disinfect your radios

During this uncertain time, regular cleaning of your radios is also especially important. You can read our guide “How To Effectively Clean and Disinfect Your Radio” here.

Providing Two Way Radios for Tulleys Farm

Providing Two Way Radios for Tulleys Farm

During this turbulent time, with the recent outbreak of COVID-19, being adaptable is key. This is something we at Wall to Wall Communications are practicing and supporting. As suppliers of two way radios for over 40 years, we understand their importance and value, now more than ever. Not only do two way radios improve security, efficiency and safety, but they also provide seamless communication whilst minimising face-to-face contact. This is something Tulleys Farm is demonstrating first hand…

Located in Turners Hill, West Sussex, Tulleys farm is adapting to the new normal. The latest government advice is to stay at home and only leave home for exercise, medical reasons, work and for groceries in a bid to slow the spread of Coronavirus. To minimise contact whilst venturing out to do the latter, Tulleys Farm has come up with the perfect solution… drive through groceries!

With Tulleys Farm closing its grocery business in favour of events six years ago, they have recently reopened their doors to help supply fresh veg and meat to the surrounding communities without face-to-face contact. Opening a new way of conducting business posed many challenges, of which Tulleys Farm and Wall to Wall were up for the challenge. Tulley’s needed a fast and reliable two way radio supplier to help them deal with increased business and a fast paced environment. This is where Wall to Wall Communications came in. 

Tulleys Farm

So what are Tulleys Farm doing that is so unique, and how have two way radios helped them?

Step 1: Drive to Tulleys Farm

Step 2: View their menu from the comfort of your car

Step 3: Read out your order from your car

Step 4: Pay using contactless

Step 5: Stay in your car whilst your order is packed

Step 6: Pop the boot of your car and your groceries will be loaded

Step 7: Drive home!

The two way radios we have supplied help the workers carry out this operation seamlessly. Instantaneous communication is vital for the staff to be able to relay orders to the runners, who then bag up the shopping, as well as allowing management to coordinate staff, all whilst allowing staff to maintain distance whilst working. The two way radios are portable, durable and easily cleaned (you can read our blog ‘How to Effectively Clean and Disinfect Radios’ here).

If you are looking for fresh meat and a wide range of vegetables and dairy products, Tulleys Farm is open 10am to 5pm every day where you can queue in your car.

How to Effectively Clean and Disinfect Your Radio

How to Effectively Clean and Disinfect Your Radio

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, two way radios have become even more invaluable than they were before. Two way radios offer a method of communicating quickly, reliably and without face-to-face contact. They also allow for seamless communication in densely populated areas such as London, where mobile signal is near maximum capacity.

However, just as much as we should be washing our hands thoroughly and regularly, our radios require the same attention. Two way radios are durable and last a long time. This time allows for dust and small particles to build up around the buttons and control knobs. In addition to this, if two way radios are being used by multiple people, and particularly in vulnerable areas such as hospitals, care homes and isolation wards, they can also spread germs and bacteria. So what can you do to help keep the public and staff safe from the outbreak?

hospital radio

How to Clean Your Two Way Radio

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds before cleaning the radio
  2. Turn off the radio, unplug the charger, and remove from the charging station
  3. Using a dry lint-free brush or cloth, wipe down the radio and charging station to remove fine particles and dust
  4. With a non-woven fabric and a neutral cleanser clean the antenna, buttons, control knobs, keys and case
  5. Allow the radio to thoroughly air dry without using an external heat source before using or replacing the radios back into the charging station
  6. Wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds after cleaning the radios

How to Disinfect Your Two Way Radio

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds before cleaning the radio
  2. Turn off the radio, unplug the charger, and remove from the charging station
  3. Remove the battery
  4. Using a rubbing alcohol of at least 70% concentration, wipe down the radios screen, case, buttons, control knobs, antenna and charging station
  5. Wait for the alcohol to evaporate and the radio to completely dry without using an external heat source
  6. Replace the battery 
  7. Wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds after cleaning the radios

Please note: 

  • Do not disinfect in a confined space
  • Whilst disinfecting, stay away from static electricity and flames

At Wall to Wall we know the importance of staying safe and well during this turbulent time. This is why we are also offering easy wipe-clean radio covers that can be disinfected quickly and efficiently to keep all staff and the public safe.

clean disinfect radio



Walkie Talkie 101: What is a Two Way Radio?

Two Way Radio Supplier | London and UK

Are you looking for a two way radio supplier in London? Well look no further than Wall to Wall Communications. With 40 years of experience, we have a wealth of knowledge and equipment to ensure your business gets the most out of our products and services.

If you are a business looking for a two way radio supplier in London, we understand that you need a service that gives you value for money, reliability and efficiency. Regardless of whether you are a small company looking to enhance your productivity, or a large single or multi site business that needs extra security and safety, we are here to serve you.  

Two way radio supplier in London with Value for Money

two way radio supplier london




At Wall to Wall Communications you will never pay for more than you need. We offer you a full and in-depth consultation with one of our experts. This can include an on-site visit to find out exactly what you need from a two way radio supplier and any specialised features your business could benefit from. In addition to this, we offer an on-site demonstration and a 7 day free trial so that you can experience all of the benefits that this two way radio supplier in London can bring. 

Once you have chosen Wall to Wall Communications as your two way radio supplier in London, the support does not stop there. With an in house repair team, we can ensure that your radios will always be repaired swiftly and by an experienced team. If there is an occasion where your two way radio malfunctions and needs to be taken in for repairs, we can also provide radio hire so you will never be left without, allowing you to keep your business running seamlessly. Maintenance visits are also carried out to prevent faults and mend any quick fixes to ensure your business is running at maximum efficiency.

Two way radio supplier in London with quick Delivery 

two way radio supplier london





Here at Wall to Wall Communications we also know that in business it is not always possible to plan. On occasions your business may need a two way radio supplier in London at a moment’s notice. That is why we provide fast dispatch and delivery service of two way radios that can be at your door within 24 hours or less, anywhere in the UK. Where possible, giving as much advance notice as possible ensures your business is provided with the most suitable radios, and guarantees they arrive exactly when you need them.

All of our two way radios are delivered by an external courier and arrive between 9:00am and 17:00pm the next business day. This allows you to focus on your work and we will be your two way radio supplier in London that works around you and your work. In addition to this we also deliver on Saturdays! 

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