During this turbulent time, with the recent outbreak of COVID-19, being adaptable is key. This is something we at Wall to Wall Communications are practicing and supporting. As suppliers of two way radios for over 40 years, we understand their importance and value, now more than ever. Not only do two way radios improve security, efficiency and safety, but they also provide seamless communication whilst minimising face-to-face contact. This is something Tulleys Farm is demonstrating first hand…

Located in Turners Hill, West Sussex, Tulleys farm is adapting to the new normal. The latest government advice is to stay at home and only leave home for exercise, medical reasons, work and for groceries in a bid to slow the spread of Coronavirus. To minimise contact whilst venturing out to do the latter, Tulleys Farm has come up with the perfect solution… drive through groceries!

With Tulleys Farm closing its grocery business in favour of events six years ago, they have recently reopened their doors to help supply fresh veg and meat to the surrounding communities without face-to-face contact. Opening a new way of conducting business posed many challenges, of which Tulleys Farm and Wall to Wall were up for the challenge. Tulley’s needed a fast and reliable two way radio supplier to help them deal with increased business and a fast paced environment. This is where Wall to Wall Communications came in. 

Tulleys Farm

So what are Tulleys Farm doing that is so unique, and how have two way radios helped them?

Step 1: Drive to Tulleys Farm

Step 2: View their menu from the comfort of your car

Step 3: Read out your order from your car

Step 4: Pay using contactless

Step 5: Stay in your car whilst your order is packed

Step 6: Pop the boot of your car and your groceries will be loaded

Step 7: Drive home!

The two way radios we have supplied help the workers carry out this operation seamlessly. Instantaneous communication is vital for the staff to be able to relay orders to the runners, who then bag up the shopping, as well as allowing management to coordinate staff, all whilst allowing staff to maintain distance whilst working. The two way radios are portable, durable and easily cleaned (you can read our blog ‘How to Effectively Clean and Disinfect Radios’ here).

If you are looking for fresh meat and a wide range of vegetables and dairy products, Tulleys Farm is open 10am to 5pm every day where you can queue in your car.

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