How to Use a Walkie Talkie

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With the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, the government has implemented lock down procedures. This involves maintaining a 2 meter distance between other members of the public, suspension of all non-essential jobs and restrictions on those businesses which are still running. As a result, many businesses and members of the public are turning to walkie talkies as a new form of communication that still allows for social distancing measures to be upheld. With many new users, we have created the ultimate guide on how to use a walkie talkie so you can make the most of your new device. 

How to use a walkie talkie:

1. Choose your walkie talkie

There are a variety of radios from licence-free, POC, ATEX to digital radios. At Wall to Wall Communications we are proud supplies of a wide range of radios designed for each purpose and price point. For help choosing your perfect radio you can read our blog post “Which Radio Is Best For You and Your Business” to get some ideas, or contact us here.

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2. Set up your walkie talkie

When you either rent or purchase a two way radio or walkie talkie through Wall to Wall Communications, you will have an experienced team that will help you set it up. If you are using a licence-free radio, you will be able to begin using your walkie talkies straight away by tuning every radio into the same frequency. This can be done by turning the dial, usually at the top or on the side of the radio that says “channel” or “frequency”. Alternatively you can choose your frequency by navigating on the LCD display. Repeat this with every radio you plan on using, setting them all to the same channel or frequency. However, if your radio isn’t licence-free, you will need a licence from OFCOM. You can learn about these on our blog post “OFCOM Licence: All You Need To Know”. If you have any additional questions about OFCOM licences you can either call us on 0208 770 1007 or email us at info@walltowallcomms.co.uk.

3. Test your two way radios

Before you start using your radios, it is important to test them before splitting them up. Start by turning the volume up on all the radios and press the “push to talk” (PTT) button. As you hold the button down, wait 1 to 2 seconds and then speak into the radio that you are holding 0.5 to 2 inches away from your face. Wait for the sound to come out of the other radios to confirm they are working. The “push to talk” button is typically the large button on the side of the radio. After the radios are working fine in close proximity, test them again once there are where you will be using them. This will allow you to test the signal strength and the radios range. If you are having any issues with this, do not hesitate to contact the Wall to Wall team as there are many ways we can help boost signal and voice clarity. 

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4. Sending and receiving messages via radio

Use the radios in the same way you tested them, repeating every time you want to send a message. After sending your message via walkie talkie ensure you release the PTT button to prevent it picking up cross-talk or white noise. 

5. After using your two way radio

After using your radios it is important to turn them off and re-charge them ready for the next use. This is particularly important if you are planning on using your radios daily. 

6. Clean and disinfect your radios

During this uncertain time, regular cleaning of your radios is also especially important. You can read our guide “How To Effectively Clean and Disinfect Your Radio” here.


If you have any further questions about how to use a walkie talkie, you can call us on 0208 770 1007, email us at info@walltowallcomms.co.uk or fill out the form below.