Wall to Wall specialise in two way radio hire across the United Kingdom, however London is the home of many of our past and present clients who have utilised two way radio in their businesses with great success. Two way radio hire helps to ease and fix a number of issues which businesses in London are facing each and every day. As companies grow, so too does the need for effective and efficient communication. The communication be be required to allow the day to day activities of the business to run smoothly or may be to ensure the safety and security of every member of the company.

Many London-based businesses also find that the signal which they receive to their existing telecommunications devices may be unreliable or non-existent due to the saturation of people and devices in small areas. As such, many businesses are turning towards two way radio as a solution to this issue.

Why Wall to Wall Communications

Wall to Wall Communications are specialists in B2B two way radio hire which is exemplified by our 40 years of experience in the industry. Over that time we have developed a service and experience which we’re extremely proud of and has brought about great success to clients from a broad range of different industries.

Our products and services are some of the best available today, and our tailored service ensures that each and every one of our clients receives the products which they need to fully benefit from two way radio hire.

Businesses in London can benefit from our next day delivery service, as well as our 7 day free trial where you can try our products for 7 days with no risk and no obligation of purchase.

We’ll look after you after the initial rental too – as our highly trained, specialist team are on call to help you in the unlikely event that you do have any problems with your radios. This ensures that issues are fixed efficiently and quickly.

Industries which benefit from two way radio hire in London

Our products and services are designed to cater for a wide range of different business types. We have worked with clients in security, offices, events, construction, education, hospitality and many more. If you’re interested in learning more about some of our previous clients, and the success which they have found from two way radio hire then please visit https://walltowallcomms.co.uk/find-your-radio/

We’ve found in the past that many of the ways two way radio hire can benefit a business may be unclear, therefore we’ve outlined of the most popular industries who use two way radio and how they are benefitting.


With a population in the tens of millions, it’s no surprise that London is the number one host of events and celebrations in the whole of the UK. Although each of the events which take place may be different and provide a different form of entertainment to viewers, many of the requirements which each of these events have in their running will have similarities. Two way radio has become a necessity at the majority of events in ensuring the safety and security of everyone involved, as well as being a valuable tool used to organise the running of the event.

We at Wall to Wall have worked with many high-profile events such as Reading Festival, The Commonwealth Games and The Dulux Colour Run! Regardless of event size, location or genre, two way radio hire should be one of you key considerations.

Our radios come with a number of different features which can help in the organisation of any event. Effective communications allows event organisers and members of different teams to easily and instantly transmit messages, meaning that everyone is on the same page and any possible issues can be fixed as quickly as possible.

Office Blocks

Everywhere you turn in London, there is a plethora of office blocks which each house one or multiple different businesses. Although office blocks are fantastic at combatting the huge population of businesses in the capital, they do come with some drawbacks. One of the main ones is that due to the large amount of people who are working in a small space, mobile phone signal can become unreliable or completely unusable.

Many of our clients have complained of this issue and have sought to implement two way radio as an alternative means of communication. Our radios do not use mobile phone signal and benefit from digital communication, which means they’re reliable at sending and receiving crystal clear messages regardless of how many people or devices are in close proximity.

Another of the key benefits of two way radio hire in office blocks comes in the form of security. Not only do radios, provide security teams a way to contact one another and other teams in the company, but our radios also come with a whole spectrum of other features which are specifically designed to enhance the safety and security of your organisation.

One of the features which is especially useful in severely dangerous situations, is the the man down function. This feature alerts other members of the team that this person is in danger or hurt, allowing colleagues to come to the aid of this person and put in place precautions to other team members to reduce their risk. When it comes to situations such as these, features like the man down function can be the difference between life and death.

Other features which are useful to office blocks and security include:

  • Location tracking
  • Voice encryption
  • Text messaging
  • Voice record
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