London is one of the most exciting cities in Europe, with an incredibly multinational population, world-famous attractions and businesses of every shape and size operating in England’s capital. These businesses can range from brand new start ups at the beginning of their lives to massive corporations who have been established for a number of years. Although these businesses may differ in almost every way, they do share some similarities. One of which is their need for effective and clear communication. Whether that’s in conducting business, safety or security, communication can be the most influential factor which ensures that a business is a success. Handheld radio hire can be the perfect solution which you’ve been looking for to improve the efficiency, safety and security of your business.

Why Wall to Wall Communications

Handheld Radio Hire London

40 years of experience in the industry have helped us to shape Wall to Wall Communications into one of the leaders in handheld radio hire in London and across the UK. We’ve worked with businesses from a vast range of different industries and of every size, ensuring our clients reap all the benefits which handheld radio has to offer. Our tailored service is designed with your unique requirements and desires in mind, creating peace of mind that you’re making the most of your handheld radio hire in London. We’re so confident that any business can benefit from our handheld radios that we also offer a no strings attached 7 day free trial to all potential clients so they can give our radios a go with no obligation.

Our service doesn’t stop when you receive your handheld radios, as our on call specialists are on hand to help with any issues which you may encounter with the radios. Our specialists are trained to an exceptionally high level, ensuring that our unparalleled service continues at every stage of your interaction with us.

Need your handheld radios fast? If you’re based in London we can arrange next day delivery in many cases.

Handheld Radio Hire London

Handheld Radio Hire London

As one of the biggest tourist cities in all of Europe, not just the UK, London always has a whole host of different events and attractions to see, do and explore. Whatever it is you’re into, you’re bound to find an event which you’ll enjoy almost every night of the week.

Although these events may differ in genre, audience, location and size, these events will still need to prioritise communication if they are to be a success. Handheld radio hire helps event organisers to contact all the different teams involved in the show, allows security teams to secure the area and are invaluable when crisis or high pressure moments occur. Wall to Wall have supplied handheld radio to a huge selection of different events, from small events to more recognisable ones such as Reading Festival, The Commonwealth Games and The Dulux Colour Run. Whatever your event, handheld radio should be one of the first things on your list of priorities and Wall to Wall Communications should be the supplier written right next to it.

Office Blocks

Handheld Radio Hire London

Anyone who has been to London knows that the whole city is absolutely covered in office blocks. Housing so many businesses in such a limited space has meant that more and more office blocks have popped up around the capital. While this has been effective in fitting in more companies in a small space, other issues have risen as a result.

The main issue which our London clients have time and time again, is an over reliance on mobile phones. In areas where a lot of people are tightly packed, it’s not uncommon for phone signal to suffer. Many find that in London their phone signal is poor, inconsistent, or simply doesn’t work at all. Handheld radios are the perfect alternative when such a problem occurs, as they use their own signal which is completely separate to mobile phone signal.

Handheld radios can also benefit office spaces when it comes to safety and security. They allow instant and clear contact between security teams and management, which can make the difference in times of danger or alarm. Our radios come with a range of different features which are designed to be used by security teams and aid every aspect of their work.

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