leaky feeder

Leaky Feeder

The co-axial cable between a transmitter and an antenna is also called a feeder cable. Usually, a feeder cable is designed to keep the transmitted signal within it and any potential interference signals out. A leaky feeder is a special feeder…
walkie talkie hire in london

How to Use a Walkie Talkie

      With the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, the government has implemented lock down procedures. This involves maintaining a 2 meter distance between other members of the public, suspension of all non-essential…
Tulleys Farm

Providing Two Way Radios for Tulleys Farm

      During this turbulent time, with the recent outbreak of COVID-19, being adaptable is key. This is something we at Wall to Wall Communications are practicing and supporting. As suppliers of two way radios for…
hospital radio

How to Effectively Clean and Disinfect Your Radio

      With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, two way radios have become even more invaluable than they were before. Two way radios offer a method of communicating quickly, reliably and without face-to-face contact.…
intrinsically safe radio

What is an Intrinsically Safe Radio?

      At Wall to Wall we are proud to stock a number of intrinsically safe radios. These include the Hytera ATEX radios, Motorola ATEX radios, ICOM ATEX radios and Kenwood ATEX Radios. For more information on which…
hospital radio

Wall to Wall Communications: Here to Support You

      As a provider of two way radios with over 40 years experience we know of the positive impact two way radios can have, particularly in times of crisis. Two way radios not only increase communication, but efficiency,…
motorola atex radio

Motorola ATEX Radios

      At Wall to Wall Communications we are proud to stock a variety of two way radios, including Motorola ATEX radios. From Digital walkie talkies, to analogue radios, License free radios to a selection of ATEX radios.…
wall to wall communications

What Can Wall to Wall Do For Your Business

      At Wall to Wall Communications we have over 40 years experience in bringing you the latest communications technology. So what do we do exactly? Two Way Radio Suppliers At Wall to Wall we are proud providers…

What is a Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

      What is a Distributed Antenna System (DAS)? A Distributed Antenna System can be the perfect solution for providing strong and reliable radio coverage and wireless connectivity in certain situations. A DAS is…

What is Radio Frequency Over Fibre (RFOF)

      What is Radio Frequency Over Fibre (RFOF)? Radio Frequency Over Fibre is a way of transmitting radio waves via a fibre optic cable. The Radio Frequency is first converted into light, where it then travels along…
OFCOM licence

OFCOM Licence: All You Need to Know

      There are two types of two way radios, licenced and licence-free radios. For licenced radios it is required by law to obtain an radio licence from OFCOM. Licence-free radios Licence-free radios are a cheaper…
atex radio

Which ATEX Radio is Right for Your Business?

      At Wall to Wall Communications we are determined to meet your every two way radio communication needs, including ATEX radios. An ATEX radio stands for ATmosphere EXplosibles. They are radios that meet a higher…
legacy youth zone

Our Charitable Donation to Legacy Youth Zone

      At Wall to Wall Communications we believe in the positive impact that two way radios can have on an organisation. Two way radios do not just simply allow for fast and easy communication, but through doing so…