leaky feeder

Leaky Feeder

The co-axial cable between a transmitter and an antenna is also called a feeder cable. Usually, a feeder cable is designed to keep the transmitted signal within it and any potential interference signals out. A leaky feeder is a special feeder…
POC radios

How to Boost Your Two Way Radio Signal

      At Wall to Wall Communications we have been working with two way radios for over 40 years. During our time working with two way radios we have found that one of the most frequent questions we get is ‘how do…
two way radio interference

How to Solve Two Way Radio Interference

      At Wall to Wall we know that fast, clear and reliable communication is extremely important in the running of your business. Particularly when trying to communicate in a time sensitive or emergency situation,…
lone worker

Lone Worker and Man Down Function | How Can They Help You

      Digital two way radios are a vital tool for keeping members of staff in constant communication. Even when working in a large team, employees may find themselves working alone. In some industries, workers may…
body cameras

The Rise In Popularity of Body Cameras

      At Wall to Wall Communications we have have been working with two way radios for over 40 years. Their use in industries such as Construction, Events, Security, Hospitality Leisure, Auction Houses, Transportation,…
POC radios

How PTT Over Cellular (POC) Is Making New Waves

      What does POC stand for and how does it work? POC stands for PTT (Push To Talk) Over Cellular. This technology essentially allows a two way radio to use the mobile phone data network instead of radio waves.…
radio earpiece in retail

Walkie Talkies in Retail | Lewisham Shopping Centre

      At Wall to Wall Communications we are proud to have been working with two way radios for over 40 years. With this long-term experience we have become experts in radio repair, radio hire and knowing which radio…
radio repairs

Radio Repairs and Maintenance | Common Issues

      At Wall to Wall to Wall Communications we know how important it is to you and your business to have two way radio communication functioning consistently, reliably and at its optimum level. That is why here at…
hytera pd505

Hytera PD505 Radio | Everything You Need to Know

      With so many radios available for hire it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you and your business, with many options including digital radios, analogue radios and licence free radios. In addition…
leaky feeder

What is a Leaky Feeder Cable + How Does it Work?

      If you are working as part of a large business, two way radios can become a vital system in ensuring there is consistent and reliable communication between staff members. Large businesses often span multiple…
two way walkie talkie
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Two Way Radios

      When weighing up whether two way radio communication can benefit your business, it is important to know all of the advantages and disadvantages they can bring. With the alternative of two way radios being mobile…
construction radio
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Two Way Radio Supplier | London and UK

      Are you looking for a two way radio supplier in London? Well look no further than Wall to Wall Communications. With 40 years of experience, we have a wealth of knowledge and equipment to ensure your business…
two way radio
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Walkie Talkie Hire in London | UK Radio Hire

      Wall to Wall Communications has been providing walkie talkie hire in London for 39 years. With all this time and experience, Wall to Wall Communications has developed extensive knowledge of what radio hire can…