Security Radio Hire London

Security Radio Hire London

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London is a bustling hub of business, culture and events – this capital city attracts millions of people each year. The densely packed city centre provides its own challenges for communication, from its signal-deflecting buildings to high population. With the potential footfall to your business or event, security is of the utmost importance to guarantee the safety of both your staff and customers. Here at Wall to Wall Communications we offer a number of bespoke solutions to your security requirements. Our two-way radio systems provide efficient and private communication channels for short and long-term hire.

Security radio hire for offices

security radio hire




Two-way radios provide an uninterrupted signal, even when mobile service and landlines are unavailable. We also offer a telephone interconnect service, integrating with your telephones with your security radio system. Security radios have a number of uses in an office setting including access control and emergency communication. They provide an excellent solution for offices in London, which need uniterupted security radio communications or struggle with signal in the city tower blocks.

Enhance your office security through access control using two-way radio systems. By monitoring your visitors and deliveries you can minimise risk to your employees and streamline operations saving time and money. With a touch of a button you will be able to find out if your visitor or delivery is expected and make sure they end up in the correct place!

Ensure the safety of your employees and visitors by using security radios for emergency communication. In the event of an evacuation, a number of employees can be contacted at once to relay a clear plan. Most of our two-way radios are fully portable to make sure communication never ceases. Typical safety features include emergency call, man down and location functions; to allow your security team quick response to an incident. 

Our radio systems are simple and fuss-free. However, we do offer expert training so that your employees can get the most out of your office security radio system. 

Security radio hire for events

security radio hire





London is home to a growing number of events, celebrating the rich history of the city and the many cultures that can be found there. Security radio systems are pivotal to these events, from planning to execution to the ongoing safety of staff and attendees. Events require a clear channel of communication to see that it runs smoothly and event-goers can enjoy themselves knowing they are safe. 

Two-way radios allow for management and communication across all aspects of the festival; staff, participants, security, infrastructure, and health and safety. We can provide specialised radios with features specific to event communications. In large music festivals, noise-cancelling abilities are important so that all communication can be heard. Discrete earpieces and microphones are suitable to smaller events where security should be more unobtrusive such as exhibitions or where private conversations are taking place.

We have worked with a number clients, to ensure the best security radio solutions for their events across London. 

Working on a tight deadline? We understand that things move quickly in London, so contact us today as we are able to offer next day delivery in many circumstances. 

What Radio might be suitable for my security office or event needs in London?

security radio hire




For a compact yet durable solution that is easy to hear over the hustle and bustle of the office, or crowds of event-goers, we recommend Icom IC-F2000 radio. The Icom IC-F2000 is also available in 6 different variations to suit your needs. The Motorola MotoTRBO DP3600 radio is suitable for multi-site offices or events, with a wide ranging signal and compatibility with antenna systems and telephone interconnect for seamless communication. In fact, we recently installed this system in the University of Greenwich in London, which you can check out in our case studies.

Security radio hire is a cost effective and efficient solution to the challenges posed by London’s landscape and footfall. Clear communication is vital for the success of your business or event.

Wall to Wall Communications are the authorised main dealer or direct suppliers for all major two-way radio manufacturers including Motorola, Hytera and Icom. We pride ourselves in providing the best radio equipment for your needs. 

With experience in supplying both small and large security radio systems, our knowledgeable team can put together a package tailored to the size of your office or event. As a ISO 9001:2015 certified and quality-controlled company, you can be assured that our partnership with your business will be taken seriously. We are passionate about delivering excellent customer care and the latest products.

Other industries Wall to Wall Communications supply to include; Construction, Events, Hospitality Leisure, Auction Houses, Transportation, Retailers, Film Production, Banks and Hospitals.

Two Way Radio for Security

Two Way Radio for Security

Two Way Radio Security Communications

No matter what industry you’re in, whether that be construction, education, hospitality or even health and safety, security is one the first priorities when forming a business or event. We have had the pleasure of working with many security companies over the last 40 years such as: Mitie, CIS Security, Wilson James and many more.

It’s no secret that with good security comes good communications. This means your two way radio security hire, buying or maintenance needs to be effective while providing value for you as a company. Two way communications inthe security industry must be easy to use, reliable and make sure anything is communicated quickly and efficiently.

Having a mobile phone simply isn’t enough is ensure efficient and strong security networks. Two-way radios to assist with security can allow you to run high-profile/covert security, have a doorman or doormen, or be able to asset management depending on your industry.

Wall to Wall Communications are here to give you our expert help on two-way radio hire for security, ensuring you get the best products for your needs.

Walkie Talkies we would recommend for security companies:

  • Motorola DP4800
  • Hytera PD705
  • Hytera X1p
  • Hytera X1e

The typical functions of these systems include: Location tracking, Man Down functions, voice encryption, voice recording, discrete acoustic earpieces and asset tracking. These radios ensure quick and easy communications to keep yourself, staff, visitors (depending on your industry), safe.

You’ll find that all our security purpose radios are lightweight, as discreet as possible and easy to use. Call or send us a message with your requirements and we’ll ensure you get the solution that fits your business needs, while providing great value with our lowest price guarantee.

For more details on all our products, head over to:
two way radio hire county shows
two way radio hire county shows
two way radio hire county shows

Why Choose Wall to Wall for your two way radio security solution?

At Wall to Wall Radio Communications, we can offer you short- or long-term hire of two-way radio equipment, which are ideal for industries such security. We can provide accessories such as earpieces to accompany your devices. Furthermore, whether your team is large or you’re an individual, we can accommodate that, with cost effective solutions, all in all making sure you only pay what you need to.

We also offer consultations, where one of Account Manager can discuss with you in detail, which devices you need and where. We can even come to your business location and give a demonstration on how to use the systems- we are here to make the job easier for you.

7 Day Trial Period

Better still, we give you a 7-day trial period, so you can trial the devices in your own security set up and everyday working life.

Superfast delivery where required

Finally, if you’re in need of a solution fast, Wall to Wall Communications have a ‘Next Day Delivery Service’, that are able to get your systems to your door in 24 hours or less, anywhere in the UK. (For full details, head on over to our website:

Security companies do a fantastic job in ensuring the safety of people, whether that be at work or at an event- so let us enhance that further and give you the best devices possible for your job.

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