Two Way Radio Supplier | London and UK

Two Way Radio Supplier | London and UK

Are you looking for a two way radio supplier in London? Well look no further than Wall to Wall Communications. With 40 years of experience, we have a wealth of knowledge and equipment to ensure your business gets the most out of our products and services.

If you are a business looking for a two way radio supplier in London, we understand that you need a service that gives you value for money, reliability and efficiency. Regardless of whether you are a small company looking to enhance your productivity, or a large single or multi site business that needs extra security and safety, we are here to serve you.  

Two way radio supplier in London with Value for Money

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At Wall to Wall Communications you will never pay for more than you need. We offer you a full and in-depth consultation with one of our experts. This can include an on-site visit to find out exactly what you need from a two way radio supplier and any specialised features your business could benefit from. In addition to this, we offer an on-site demonstration and a 7 day free trial so that you can experience all of the benefits that this two way radio supplier in London can bring. 

Once you have chosen Wall to Wall Communications as your two way radio supplier in London, the support does not stop there. With an in house repair team, we can ensure that your radios will always be repaired swiftly and by an experienced team. If there is an occasion where your two way radio malfunctions and needs to be taken in for repairs, we can also provide radio hire so you will never be left without, allowing you to keep your business running seamlessly. Maintenance visits are also carried out to prevent faults and mend any quick fixes to ensure your business is running at maximum efficiency.

Two way radio supplier in London with quick Delivery 

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Here at Wall to Wall Communications we also know that in business it is not always possible to plan. On occasions your business may need a two way radio supplier in London at a moment’s notice. That is why we provide fast dispatch and delivery service of two way radios that can be at your door within 24 hours or less, anywhere in the UK. Where possible, giving as much advance notice as possible ensures your business is provided with the most suitable radios, and guarantees they arrive exactly when you need them.

All of our two way radios are delivered by an external courier and arrive between 9:00am and 17:00pm the next business day. This allows you to focus on your work and we will be your two way radio supplier in London that works around you and your work. In addition to this we also deliver on Saturdays! 

The most efficient two way radio hire in Manchester | UK radio hire

The most efficient two way radio hire in Manchester | UK radio hire

Manchester’s population of over half a million people are one of the most innovative and entrepreneurial groups of business owners in the UK. That’s why Wall to Wall Communications plays a massive part in the Manchester business radio hire industry. Communication is important for any part of a business, from customer facing colleagues on a shop floor, to an IT team working with a business throughout 10 floors of offices. Effective communication can make or break your business, so make it one less thing to worry about for your business in Manchester, by using Wall to Wall Communications for all your handheld and team radio needs.

We have over 40 years of experience in Manchester’s biggest stadiums, arenas and office blocks, enabling huge events and conferences to take place with ease. Two way radio hire for businesses is one of the best choices for large events if you’re suffering with poor signal quality and unreliable radios.

Why Wall to Wall Communications as your radio provider and supplier?






Nearly half a century of experience in the industry means quality, efficiency and Wall to Wall Communications. We are one of the most experienced radio hire solutions available. Our service takes pride in having the most advanced technology available in Manchester, as well as ensuring that our customers are educated in how to use them easily and within a few minutes. This guarantees that you are up and running with your radios as soon as possible; for your team, a small group or just the two of you. 

Our on-call specialists are trained to an incredibly high standard to provide the best possible after care service. We understand the importance that our products and services can quickly have to a business, as communication can be the key to carrying out important tasks. We offer tailored experienced based on the needs of your business and even provide free 7-day trials on any of our products so you can be safe in the knowledge that you won’t be getting a bad deal. Try a selection of two-way radios and pick the best set that you think works best for your business.

Industries which benefit from radio hire in Manchester:

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Our radios have a range of functions and uses, and have been integrated with success in a wide range of businesses such as security, offices, construction, hospitality, education and many more. If you’d like to read more about some of our past or current clients then visit

Whatever your business specialises in, you’re sure to find a radio solution which can benefit you in some way. Read below to find out which industries can make use of radio hire.

Radio hire for events and music concerts in Manchester

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With such a large population and visitors coming from all around the World to visit, events and celebrations are always going on in the city of Manchester. Each of these events has a strong reliance on security and organisation to make sure that everything runs smoothly, from the set up of stages and lighting to on the night of the event with cues and directions being made via radio. 

One of the essential benefits which our radios have for events and celebrations is the communication which we provide for added security. This certifies the safety of all members of the event including participants, members of staff and members of the public. Features such as the man down function which tells other members of staff that a radio has been cut off can be instrumental in times of crises, providing the difference which can save lives.

Another major benefit to events is the use of radios by members of management. Clear and reliable communication is paramount in ensuring that the event runs smoothly and that all members of the team are aware of any last minute changes to the schedule or otherwise.

At Wall to Wall Communications we have been fortunate enough to work with a number of high-profile events such as Reading Festival, The Dulux Colour Run and The Commonwealth Games. Regardless of the size of event. But fear not, even if your business isn’t on a big scale we can always help, even if it’s a radio set for two we will provide the most effective communication solutions, tailored to you and your needs.

Two way radio hire for offices and office Blocks

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Office blocks are one of the most common areas which can suffer from poor phone signal due to high number of people in concentrated areas and lots of thick concrete walls. Our radios work on multiple frequencies to ensure that communication is always reliable and available where phone signal is not. It also makes communication with multiple people or teams at the same time much more readily available and seamless, meaning the business runs as smoothly as possible.

Other industries Wall to Wall Communications supply to include; Construction, Events, Security, Hospitality Leisure, Auction Houses, Transportation, Retailers, Film Production, Banks and Hospitals.

Two Way Radio Hire for Events in London

Two Way Radio Hire for Events in London

As one of the most famous cities in the world, London has tens of millions of visitors each year. The reason for each of these visits could be different for each, as London has such an incredible history and culture, with attractions to match. One of the things which makes London different is its multinational occupancy, which includes a strong population of ethnic minorities and people from all around the world. As a result of this the events which operate in the English capital bare inspiration from many different places and people travel from anywhere and everywhere for some of the events which take place in the capital. This is where radio hire for events in London comes in.

Every London event has their own unique challenges and operations which are required to ensure they are a success.  This can come in a number of different forms; the logistics of running the event, the communication with sponsors and partners and even ensuring that everything happens when it should and sticks to the timeline agreed. The largest challenge of any event, in terms of where their priorities lie, is ensuring that all performers, staff and guests are kept secure and safe at all times.

One of the most popular solutions to achieving all of these goals is the use of two way radio hire. Two way radios provide the clear and efficient form of communication which is vital for any event, whether that be in London or elsewhere. We at Wall to Wall have worked with a range of clients in the events industry in London and have helped them to deliver the best event they can in as smooth a fashion as possible.

Why you should trust Wall to Wall Communications with two way radio hire

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Wall to Wall Communications are specialists in two way radio hire in London thanks to our experience in the industry which stretches over 40 years. We have worked with some of the biggest events around, such as the Dulux Colour Run and Reading Festival.

To ensure that you can get set up and running as soon as possible, we provide training on all of our products up to the standard which you require for your event. For those companies based within London, we can also provide a special next day delivery service. If that wasn’t enough, we even offer a special 7 day free trial on our products as we’re so confident that you’ll love them and they’ll meet your requirements.

Our on call specialists are some of the best in the business, and have been training to a very high level to ensure that if any problems do arise from the products you receive from us, they will be dealt with in a professional and efficient manner which reduces the chances of issues arising again. We know how important effective communication is for any London event and therefore how much you may rely on our two way radios, so we strive to make sure they work the best that they can, as much of the time as possible.

Why you should consider two way radio at your London event

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When it comes to events, communication is the key when it comes to fixing any issues or disruption. Many people think that this can be achieved with the mobile phone but fail to consider that the signal which your phone receives in small spaces which are full of other people is often depleted or completely unusable. Two way radios do not use mobile phone signal and as such do not have these issues. Our two way radios are designed to have digital clarity, ensuring that even in times of danger the communication levels are at an optimal level.

Two way radios are the perfect solutions for managers and different teams in an event to ensure that the event runs smoothly and is as secure and safe as possible for everyone involved. Beyond the simple feature of talking to each other, which you might expect from a two way radio, our radios have a selection of other features which can be beneficial in a range of different situations. Some of the most well received by our clients in the events industry include:

  • Digital Voice Clarity
  • Man down function
  • Voice Record
  • Location Tracking

Other industries Wall to Wall Communications supply to include; Construction, Events, Security, Hospitality Leisure, Auction Houses, Transportation, Retailers, Film Production, Banks and Hospitals.

Radio For Sports Events

Radio For Sports Events

Radio for Sports Events

Sports events can be a lot of fun, whether you’re involved in the event or watching on, they can provide the perfect day of healthy competition, cheering on your favourite team or simply enjoying a fantastic atmosphere. However, radio hire for sporting events is essential to ensure organisers keep all guests attending safe and run the event smoothly.

Sports events require a huge level of organisation; whether that be the actual running of the event, maintaining relationships with sponsors or ensuring the athletes stick to their itineraries. The most important organisation comes in the form of keeping those in attendance safe and secure, with this being especially difficult in events with poor communication.

Radio for sports events can provide the communication needed to ensure that events are run smoothly, with members of staff from all teams being on the same page. With an experienced company such as Wall to Wall Comms providing your radio solutions, you can be certain that you’re in safe hands.

Why Wall to Wall Comms

With over 40 years in the radio communication industry, we have the experience you need, from an established company. We specialise in B2B and in being at the very forefront in terms of our technology and services. With our high standards of customer service in mind, we offer unique and tailored experiences to all of our clients and use our expertise to ensure they are looked after and have the knowledge necessary to use our radios for their sports events. We even provide a 7-day trial at no fee so you can try our products at no cost.

We pride ourselves on having some of the best on-call specialists in the business to help if you have any problems to ensure that your radio systems are back up and running as quickly as possible. In a rush? We also provide next day delivery for those who are in urgent need of radio for their sports events.

Why use radios at sporting events?

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In times of emergency or commotion, communication is important in incident reporting and problem aversion. In events such as these mobile communications, signals are often depleted and can bring your entire event to a standstill if you don’t have another option.

Radios allow seamless and constant communication between all members of staff; from managers to security to medical tents. Simple and effective communication is paramount in events such as these in order to maintain high standards and to keep everyone happy. Radios allow members of staff at sports events to organise the schedule of the event, while our multi-channel radios allow members of staff to communicate with one another within the same team or with other teams seamlessly.

Some features of radio, such as vibration may seem small but can create better signalling opportunities in louder areas, while allowing both analogue and digital radio channels ensures that the standard of audio quality is as clear as possible. Our radios also have a number of other features which can be greatly beneficial to sporting events:

Other features we would recommend:

  • Digital Voice Clarity
  • Man down function
  • Voice Record
  • Location Tracking

These features can be incredibly useful in high-pressure situations and can be the difference required in providing the best possible levels of security and safety at your event, both attendees and staff alike. For further peace of mind, we also offer additional accessories such as earpieces to allow discrete and clear communication.

Another feature our sporting event customers have found incredibly useful in the past has been the tracking system. Many of our radios include real-time tracking, allowing the location monitoring of each radio, and therefore the member of staff assigned to each. The main benefit of this is in times of emergency when finding the location of a staff member is crucial.

Application of Radio for Sport Events

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Our radios can have a number of different applications and implications to sports events, beyond the face value of better communication:

  • Protection of staff, sponsors, athletes and attendees throughout the venue
  • Safety of all attendees
  • Security and maintenance
  • Coordination of event schedule and activities
  • Incident reporting
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