At Wall to Wall Communications we have have been working with two way radios for over 40 years. Their use in industries such as Construction, Events, Security, Hospitality Leisure, Auction Houses, Transportation, Retailers, Film Production, Banks or Hospitals has helped to improve communication amongst staff which therefore increase efficiency, security and safety. However, with industries such as security being faced with confrontational situations on a regular basis, improved communication is not always sufficient enough to keep members of staff and the public safe. In addition to this, when confrontational situations arise there is not usually evidence to prosecute. This gap in the market has given rise to body cameras. 

body-worn cameras


But what are body cameras?

A body camera, also known as ‘body-worn cameras’ is a small camera that is attached to the body that can be left running for the purpose of recording any interactions or incidences during working hours.


Why do staff wear body cameras?

  • Provides admissible evidence for courts: Typically incidences that occur at work are taken to court with only verbal testimonies and eye witness accounts. With body-worn cameras there is hard, factual and admissible evidence that can be used in court to ensure accurate accounts of the situation is relayed. 
  • Used for training and review purposes: Recordings of situations and work related issues can be reviewed and used for training purposes. In turn this will increase productivity, efficiency and competence. 
  • Decreases the likelihood of incidences: As well as ensuring incidences that do occur are accurately dealt with, body-worn cameras can actually decrease the likelihood of confrontations happening in the first place. When members of staff are wearing a visible body-worn camera, there is less likely to be an incident, with the presence of the camera acting as a visible deterrent.
  • Reduction in false accusations: In some industries, particularly the police, there are often false accusations made against the staff and/or member of the public for one reason or another. Wearing body cameras not only decreases the number of people making these false accusations, but false accusations can also be solved quickly and reliably with factual evidence.

body camera

Which industries could benefit from body cameras?

The rise in popularity of body cameras are mainly due to staff members and industries that have frequent contact with the public and that have high prevalence of either staff assault or accusations against staff. These industries can include door staff, security, blue light services etc. The use of body cameras can be applied to any company that feels they would benefit from their presence. 

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