How to Boost Your Two Way Radio Signal

How to Boost Your Two Way Radio Signal

At Wall to Wall Communications we have been working with two way radios for over 40 years. During our time working with two way radios we have found that one of the most frequent questions we get is ‘how do I boost my two way radio signal?. Getting a radio signal that is reliable, efficient, can penetrate obstacles and can still send clear messages to other radio users far away can seem hard to obtain. We also know that having good radio signal is imperative to the running of your business. Not only does reliable communication boost efficiency and productivity, but also safety and security as well. This is why we have written a guide to help you find the right solution for your two way radio problem, including leaky feeders, POC technology, installing an antenna or simply changing the battery. 

Change Battery

At Wall to Wall we recommend that you scrap your old radio battery every 18-24 months and replace it with a new one. This will be the first thing to check if you are experiencing poor signal coverage. If you have not replaced your two way radio battery over a longer period than this, you can experience poor coverage, conversations being cut short mid-transmission and unclear communication. By using a radio with a battery that isn’t fully charged, the power rapidly decreases, inhibiting its ability to send and receive radio signals. 

Leaky Feeder

If you and your business are experiencing issues with your radio signal reaching areas that are located along shafts, tunnels or underground, a leaky feeder cable will give you the signal boost you’ve been looking for. A leaky feeder is a cable that, unlike a normal feeder cable, is designed to ‘leak’ signal out in a controlled manner as well as allowing signal to penetrate the cable as well. A leaky feeder allows signal to reach areas where it would not have otherwise reached, effectively behaving like a long antenna for radios. 


Radio signals can in fact travel around obstacles and through them, but this does however drastically affect the strength of the radio signal. If you are finding that you and your employees are dropping out of signal range when straying too far afield, or perhaps your business is located in a built up area, it may be time to install a repeater. A repeater essentially receives radio signals and re-transmits or ‘repeats’ them, giving your radios the power to reach a wider range. A repeater usually instals their antennas in a high and central location to bypass tall buildings and hilly landscapes. This will give your radio signals a clear and powerful boost.

POC Technology

POC radio

If you and your business require a communication method that reaches a long distance, perhaps spanning the country, installing multiple leaky feeders and antennas can be costly and may still not achieve the coverage you need. In these instances, for businesses such as couriers, taxis and transportation, switching to a POC (Push To Talk Over Cellular) radio may be the solution you have been looking for.


Instead of communicating using radio waves, a POC radio instead utilised the mobile data network (3G, 4G, 5G) and WIFI signal to send and receive messages. Now that the mobile data network has become faster and more reliable than ever, POC radios have risen in popularity. This is mainly due to the fact that users of these radios are not limited to staying within a particular signal range, but instead have the freedom to communicate wherever there is mobile data or WIFI signal. So if you are a business that is expanding and requires a boost to your signal range, POC technology might just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Walkie Talkie Hire in London | UK Radio Hire

Walkie Talkie Hire in London | UK Radio Hire

Wall to Wall Communications has been providing walkie talkie hire in London for over 40 years. With all this time and experience, Wall to Wall Communications has developed extensive knowledge of what radio hire can do for businesses and events in the country’s capital. Wall to Wall Communications has improved connectivity, security, health and safety and efficiency of many clients, and can do that for you too. 39 years of experience has allowed Wall to Wall Communications to provide walkie talkie hire in London in a reliable and swift manner by a highly trained team. Here at Wall to Wall Communications we also pride ourselves in providing walkie talkie hire in London that meets the specific needs of the individual client, making sure you only pay for what you need but with all of the functions to improve your efficiency across all areas. To ensure this, Wall to Wall Communications has a large selection of products to support your every need. So if you are looking for walkie talkie hire in London, don’t be shy and send the team a message using the form at the bottom of this page or giving us a call on 0208 770 1007.

Why do you need walkie talkie hire in London?

As the country’s capital, London is a hub of business and as a result has a dense population. This can create mobile phone signal deficiencies particularly during large events when everyone is trying to connect to 4G or use their phone signal. This can leave businesses and event organisers in London without fast and efficient communication, which can result in decreased safety, security and mismanagement. As the largest city in the UK, London is also home to large and tall buildings which can cause signal-deflection, also inhibiting communication. A solution? Walkie talkie hire in London. As radios do not use mobile signals your company or business will not be affected by either of these problems and will allow you to provide your services to the best of your ability. 

Walkie talkie hire in London with Wall to Wall Communications

Even with radio communications bypassing the need for mobile signal, the distance and obstructions in the way can also inhibit radio signal. That is why at Wall to Wall to Communications we can provide a number of solutions to allow you the coverage and signal enhancements to carry out your business across the city without any interruption. 

  1. Repeaters: Repeaters are a way of ‘repeating’ the radio signal to allow the connection to extend over larger distances. Repeaters also help when there are obstructions in the way like large buildings that radio signal cannot penetrate by creating a clear path around them.
  2. Antennas: Antennas work in partnership with repeaters and act as a directional force for signal that is being boosted by the repeaters. At Wall to Wall Communications we have a multitude of different antennas that can suit your individual signal requirements, and can be provided as part of your walkie talkie hire in London.
  3. Leaky Feeders: Leaky feeders are particularly useful in London as they are essentially antennas designed as feeder cables. Their purpose is to allow you to have a boosted signal in an area without e.g. the underground or in basements.  
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