Body-Worn Cameras Now Available at Wall to Wall

Body-Worn Cameras Now Available at Wall to Wall

For 2020 Wall to Wall Communications are launching some exciting new products on the website! One of the launches this 2020 is body cameras. With over 40 years of experience in two way radios, we like to think of ourselves as experts in communication and technology. With the rise in popularity of body cameras, not just in the public sector but for private business as well, we are now bringing them to you!

body-worn cameras

What are body-worn cameras?

Body cameras, also known as ‘body-worn cameras’ are video recording devices worn on the body. Body-worn cameras can be left running for the duration of an employees shift, recording any interactions they encounter in a clear and reliable way. 

How could body cameras help you

The rise in popularity of body cameras is stemming from industries that have a high risk of confrontations with the public, e.g. healthcare workers, traffic wardens, railway workers, prison staff, police and security. Body cameras can benefit you and your business in many ways, including:

  1. Body camera recordings provide admissible evidence for courts: Video recordings of interactions and confrontations can provide admissible evidence in court where only eye-witness accounts would be used otherwise. This makes court cases shorter and more reliable.
  2. Used for training and review purposes: Having recordings of day to day challenges that are experienced by employees can be used to train and improve employees and the running of your business.
  3. Decreases likelihood of incidences: The presence of a body camera acts as a deterrent in itself. Where a confrontation might have occurred, they are less likely to happen with the knowledge that interactions are being recorded. 
  4. Reduction in false accusations: False accusations can be difficult to dismiss. With the presence of body-worn cameras, false accusations are less likely to be made with true recordings of interactions. 


body camerasWho does Wall to Wall recommend body-worn cameras to?

Any number of businesses can benefit from the use of body-worn cameras. Their use for safety, security and training purposes can aid in a multitude of industries. If members of staff experience any hostility, false accusations or risk of assault, body cameras can provide employees with a sense of security at work. Additionally, body-worn cameras can add a sense of safety to the members of the public, with body cameras providing admissible evidence in court if an incident was to occur. 

Body cameras at Wall to Wall

At Wall to Wall we supply a range of Hyter body cameras. They are light, small and sophisticated. Hytera body cameras can now support features including; infrared, GPS, ability to live stream, integration with wearable equipment, full HD video quality and night vision. The models available are the VM780, VM685, VM550D and the VM550. Browse our selection of body cameras here to find the perfect one for you and your business. 

Read about our other new launch for 2020: POC radios.

POC Radios Now Available at Wall to Wall

POC Radios Now Available at Wall to Wall

For 2020 Wall to Wall Comms is launching some exciting new products on the website! One of the first launches of the year is POC radios. With over 40 years of experience in two way radios, we like to think of ourselves as ‘radio people’. Whilst POC technology has been around for a while, the latest advancements in POC technology has made them another reliable option when choosing a radio.                                               

POC radioWhat is POC technology?

POC stands for P.T.T Technology over Cellular. POC is essentially a two way radio that uses the mobile phone data network to communicate, instead of the traditional radio waves. 


Is POC a new technology?

Despite POC only recently rising in popularity, the technology has been around for a number of years. When POC technology originally came about, mobile data was still working on a 2G network. This was slow and unreliable and meant that radios using the POC technology were being outdone by the two way radios using traditional radio signals. However, with the mobile data network progressing to 3G, 4G and 5G, POC technology radios have become more reliable and faster than ever.


Why choose POC radios over traditional two way radios?

There are two main advantages of POC radios: 

  1. Virtually unlimited range: Where traditional radios are limited to a range of a few miles. POC technology is only limited to where there is mobile data or a WIFI signal. Instead of relying on the assistance of antennas to communicate over long but limited distances, your team will have no limits to their communication. 
  2. Exemption from OFCOM licensing requirements: As there is a limited spectrum of radio frequencies, users of traditional radios require a licence from OFCOM. However, if your business is based in a densely populated area with many other businesses using radio frequencies, an OFCOM licence can be hard to obtain. With POC radios, an OFCOM licence is not needed.

Who does Wall to Wall recommend POC radios to?

Any business can benefit from the use of POC radios. POC radios are fast, reliable and of similar cost to traditional radios. However, with the range of POC radios being only limited to where there is mobile data network or a WIFI signal, businesses that span a wide area or travel over long distances can particularly benefit from their use. For example, taxi companies, couriers or any company with multiple sites across the country. Additionally, any business that is situated in a densely populated area such as London or Edinburgh where radio frequencies are in high demand, the use of POC radios can eliminate the hassle of obtaining an OFCOM licence or risk of interfering radio signals. 

Wall to Wall Comms POC radios

Browse through our selection of POC radios that include the [list of POC radios here]. With a wide selection of radios, we have the perfect one for you. At Wall to Wall we also go above and beyond, buying your POC radios through us comes with a range of benefits including repair and maintenance, radio hire whilst your radios are being repaired and expert advice.

Which Radio is Best For You and Your Business?

Which Radio is Best For You and Your Business?

With so many two way radios rentals options on the market it can be difficult to know which radio rental to choose with advantages and disadvantages of each. There are Digital Radios, Analogue Radios, ATEX Radios and more recently POC Radios. 

At Wall to Wall Communications we have been providing two way radio rental in the UK for over 40 years. Because of this we like to think of ourselves as ‘radio experts’. If you and your business are thinking about hiring walkie talkies to enhance the levels of communication between workers, then do not hesitate to contact us to speak to one of our experts.

So, what are the benefits of each radio?


POC radios

Analogue radios

Analogue radios are the original form of radios, dating back to the beginning of the 19th century and is arguably the most common form of radio system. However, with advancements in digital radio this is declining, but they still very much have their uses. Analogue radios offer the basic and simplest form of wireless communication, typically just having a push-to-talk button, limited encryption options, scanning and one-to-one or group conversations. One of the main benefits of analogue radio rental is that they are simple to use and affordable to rent. This makes analogue radios ideal for smaller businesses. 

Digital radios

Digital radios represent the advancements in two way radio communication, with most digital radio rentals offering the same features as analogue, just with added optional features. If your business requires signal across a wider range, digital radios offer a more reliable and consistent form of communication. In addition to this digital radios have the ability to distinguish between voices and background noise which makes communicating messages much clearer, perfect if you are working in a noisy environment. Other benefits include multiple channels, text messaging, reduced bandwidth consumption, compatible with  new software applications and the ability to utilise digital and analogue simultaneously.

radio rentals UK

ATEX radios

An ATEX radio is a two way communication solution your business has been looking for if there is a risk of explosions on the premises. An ATEX radio rental is specially designed to safeguard employees around high risk substances such as gas, oils, chemicals or mines. Our ATEX radio rentals are produced to an extremely high standard that eliminates the risk of the radio producing any heat or spark that could ignite an explosion. ATEX radios are also waterproof, dust proof and function at a very low power output which keeps their temperature low. So even if your business is functioning in a high risk environment you can still optimise your communication to increase efficiency, security and safety with two way radios from Wall to Wall Communications. 

POC radios

POC radios


POC stands for Push To Talk Over Cellular. This effectively means that these radios use mobile signals to send and receive voice messages instead of the traditional radio waves. While this technology has been around for many years, in the past it was relying on the much slower 2G and 3G network which wasn’t very reliable and didn’t offer complete coverage. However, with the advancements of the mobile network to 4G and 5G, POC radios are rising in popularity. 

So why choose POC radios over ‘traditional’ radios? One of the main advantages of POC radio rentals is that they do not need an OFCOM licence. This makes POC radio popular amongst companies located in densely populated areas where an OFCOM licence is hard to obtain. The other main advantage is that POC radio rentals have an unlimited range, as long as there is mobile signal or wifi. This makes POC radios particularly popular with businesses that travel throughout the UK such as couriers, taxis and delivery companies. 

You can read more about POC radios on our blog post ‘How PTT Over Cellular (POC) Is Making New Waves’ here.

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