For 2020 Wall to Wall Communications are launching some exciting new products on the website! One of the launches this 2020 is body cameras. With over 40 years of experience in two way radios, we like to think of ourselves as experts in communication and technology. With the rise in popularity of body cameras, not just in the public sector but for private business as well, we are now bringing them to you!

body-worn cameras

What are body-worn cameras?

Body cameras, also known as ‘body-worn cameras’ are video recording devices worn on the body. Body-worn cameras can be left running for the duration of an employees shift, recording any interactions they encounter in a clear and reliable way. 

How could body cameras help you

The rise in popularity of body cameras is stemming from industries that have a high risk of confrontations with the public, e.g. healthcare workers, traffic wardens, railway workers, prison staff, police and security. Body cameras can benefit you and your business in many ways, including:

  1. Body camera recordings provide admissible evidence for courts: Video recordings of interactions and confrontations can provide admissible evidence in court where only eye-witness accounts would be used otherwise. This makes court cases shorter and more reliable.
  2. Used for training and review purposes: Having recordings of day to day challenges that are experienced by employees can be used to train and improve employees and the running of your business.
  3. Decreases likelihood of incidences: The presence of a body camera acts as a deterrent in itself. Where a confrontation might have occurred, they are less likely to happen with the knowledge that interactions are being recorded. 
  4. Reduction in false accusations: False accusations can be difficult to dismiss. With the presence of body-worn cameras, false accusations are less likely to be made with true recordings of interactions. 


body camerasWho does Wall to Wall recommend body-worn cameras to?

Any number of businesses can benefit from the use of body-worn cameras. Their use for safety, security and training purposes can aid in a multitude of industries. If members of staff experience any hostility, false accusations or risk of assault, body cameras can provide employees with a sense of security at work. Additionally, body-worn cameras can add a sense of safety to the members of the public, with body cameras providing admissible evidence in court if an incident was to occur. 

Body cameras at Wall to Wall

At Wall to Wall we supply a range of Hyter body cameras. They are light, small and sophisticated. Hytera body cameras can now support features including; infrared, GPS, ability to live stream, integration with wearable equipment, full HD video quality and night vision. The models available are the VM780, VM685, VM550D and the VM550. Browse our selection of body cameras here to find the perfect one for you and your business. 

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