Can A Two Way Radio Be Traced?

Can A Two Way Radio Be Traced?

can-a-two-way-radio-be-tracedA two-way radio is an important tool for blue light services and private security companies because they provide a vital line of communication between operatives and headquarters. At Wall to Wall Communications, we’ve been providing the public and private sectors with two-way radios for 40 years and we have advised many businesses on the right radio systems to suit their needs. 

As a business, you need to ensure that your data is not exposed. We previously discussed the frequently asked question: Are two way radios secure? Keeping on the same topic, we want to explore the issue of can a two way radio be traced? Two-way radios offer closed communication networks and these networks are known to be difficult for hackers to access. The networks rely on radio frequency, not an internet connection and radio frequencies can be hard to trace through GPS but it’s not impossible. Two-way radios traceability can be seen as a negative, but it also can be used to a company’s advantage to allow you to trace your employees whereabouts. 

Can You Trace Two Way Radio Transmissions?

Tracing radio signals can be tricky because they aren’t as strong as a WIFI transmission, which makes it difficult to pick up a signal using GPS. Radio transmissions can be detected but they do have to be traced while an operative is using the device. There are several ways you can locate a radio signal which includes:


How triangulation works is that it measures the direction of radio waves from two to three points to locate the radio signal. The benefit of using triangulation to trace a two way radio transmission is that it only needs to measure the radio transmitters to pinpoint a location.


Trilateration is very similar to triangulation in tracing two way radio transmission but instead of measuring distance of the location of a radio signal, this method measures the time that it takes for radio waves to be transmitted between radios.

Can You Track Someone With A Walkie Talkie?

It is possible to track an operative using a walkie talkie, but it’s not always a bad thing. Many of our digital two-way radios include our unique trackitt software that gives real-time status updates from radio users. The application collects geographical information and stores it safely in the Cloud. The integration of trackitt into our digital walkie talkie allows businesses to build a picture of how well their radio operators are performing in their roles and to identify areas that need improving. Some more benefits of trackitt are:

  • No limit on the number of users
  • Can be used on digital and analogue devices
  • In-depth information
  • Simple to use software
  • Messaging function
  • Real-time status of individual radios
  • Logged information on the cloud
Two-way Radio hire for schools in London

Two-way Radio hire for schools in London

Two-way Radio hire for schools in London

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London is the home of thousands of schools and as such is one of the most responsible areas of the country for the nation’s children. The number one priority for any school should be the safety and security of its students, providing safe environments for them to learn and express themselves.

Two-way radio is being adopted by businesses from a range of different industries and backgrounds who all value safety and security. Education is no exception, with radios becoming one of the more common pieces of technology you are likely to see in any modern school. They allow for the effective and constant communication between staff members which is necessary in ensuring safety and security of all in the establishment. They also have many benefits to staff in the running and maintenance of other sectors of the school, such as events and break times. If you’re considering radio hire for your school, then this guide will give you some insight into how it many benefit you.

Why use Wall to Wall for your radio hire solutions

Wall to Wall Communications spans experience which covers over fourty years, working with businesses and schools around the UK. Each of these has its own unique requirements and desires for their radio solutions. This is why we specialise in providing tailored experiences to each of our clients, making sure to benefit them in any way we can.

This is exemplified by our special one-day delivery service, as well as our free seven-day trial possibilities to ensure that you receive your products as quickly as possible and are happy with your experience. We pride ourselves on providing the most advanced technology available and in having some of the best on-call specialists available – who have been specially trained to provide effective training and fix issues as quickly as they arise.

Why use Radio in London schools?

When drastic events or common occurs then communication is key in fixing the issue in the most effective and efficient manner.

Some of the main benefits of implementing radio hire in London schools:

  • Protection of staff in both classrooms and outside of the classroom
  • Safety of students
  • Security and maintenance
  • Coordination on-campus activities and the management of events and excursions

Schools can be highly saturated areas, which are loud and have a lot of mobile phone signals in small areas. This often means that mobile phone signal is lost or inconsistent. Radios allow for constant communication and do not rely on phone signal. Alongside the talking feature which you would expect from a radio, our radios also include a number of other features which can be extremely effective in dramatic situations.The radios which Wall to Wall Communications provide also run on two channels, which means that in the unlikely event that one of the channels has poor signal then one can simply switch over to the other channel. Many schools use this feature to separate conversations between different members of faculty, allowing staff to only focus on communication which is necessary to them. This is especially useful in larger schools when radio channels can become oversaturated with so many members of staff.

Other features which our radios have include:

  • Digital Voice Clarity
  • Man down function
  • Voice Record
  • Location Tracking

Each of these features has its own benefits which may make the difference in high pressure moments within the school walls or on the playground.

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