How Do You Track Employees?

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In the modern workplace, it’s important to keep track of employees to ensure the safety of your workforce but to make sure that individuals are fulfilling their work responsibilities that they are tasked to do. This is especially important when working in roles that are time-sensitive, such as delivery drivers and couriers. There are many systems on the market that allow you to do this, but not all systems are built by people who have years of experience in providing employee tracking. At Wall to Wall Communication, we recognise this and have used our 40 years of experience to create Trackitt UK, our in-house data and voice dispatcher software application solution. If you want to learn more about what Trackitt can offer your business, please get in touch today.

Trackitt UK

How Can Trackitt UK Help Track My Employees?

Wall to Wall Communication innovative data and voice dispatcher software offers businesses a cost-effective solution to tracking employee location and will give detailed, real-time updates on the progress of the employees being tracked. Trackitt UK can do this by collecting geographical data in real-time which stores the data remotely via Cloud software. This will allow you and your colleagues to have access to tracking data in any place that has an internet connection, allowing businesses to have access to an individual’s location without any restrictions. This is ideal in ensuring that you are on top of your employees whereabouts at all times, which prevents money from being lost due to time wastage. Another great advantage of using the Wall to Wall Communication’s Trackitt system is its integrated message functionality that allows you to maintain a line of communication with your employees at all times. Wall to Wall Communication Trackitt software is compatible with a variety of radio devices including digital two-way radios, analogue two-way radios and mobile radio devices.

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What Data Can I Collect On My Employees Using Trackitt UK?

It’s important to collect data from your employees because it will help your business to understand how to get the best out of your workforce, but it will also assist business leaders in identifying any weak spots that need to be addressed. At Wall to Wall Communications, we want businesses to have a clear picture of how their workforce is operating, so we have created Trackitt UK to enable employers to collect data on a variety of tracking areas. The data and voice dispatcher software is ideally suited for businesses such as transportation companies, courier and delivery companies and taxi services. Our software allows employers to see the location of their employees on a map, the speed of the individual radios and the status of the radio (walking, driving or stationary). Trackitt UK will also allow users to show the distance covered, time stamps, start time and direction of journeys. 

The Benefits Of Using Trackitt UK

Here are some of the benefits you can expect if you use our Trackitt UK software:

  • No limit on the number of users
  • Can be used on digital and analogue devices
  • In-depth information
  • Simple to use software
  • Messaging function
  • Real-time status of individual radios
  • Logged information on the cloud