Radio Earpiece and Their Use in Retail

Radio Earpiece and Their Use in Retail

With a wave of retail stores planning to reopen in the next few months, many businesses are preparing their stores to open with a whole new level of security, efficiency and safety precautions. The increased level of communication radios allow retailers to aid in the protection of staff and customers from the recent outbreak, including the minimisation of face-to-face contact. 

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Two Way Radios in Retail

Two way radios have always played a vital role in the retail industry, but in recent years their role has gone beyond just being used in larger chain and department stores. They are now vital pieces of equipment for smaller shops and boutiques alike. The presence of two way radios in retail allows for seamless communication between management, shop floor staff and security.

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Radio Earpiece

With the expansion of two way radios in retail, two way radio producers have created radios that are specifically designed for this application. One of the main reasons two way radio earpieces are s frequently used in retail is because of their ability to provide discrete and covert communication.

  • Discrete communication: Working in retail involves communicating effectively with other members of staff without halting the flow of work or disrupting the customer. This is where radio earpieces particularly shine. 
  • Covert communication: Security in retails requires covert communication. This is where ear pieces can be used to communicate with other members of security to protect stock, increase efficiency and safety of staff and visitors.

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To provide you with the most suitable form of discrete and covert communication in retail, here at Wall to Wall Communications we have a wide range to choose from. We can provide your business with…

  • Earpieces and audio adapters: A popular earpiece for two way radios in retail are small earpieces that wrap around and cover the ear. They also include a push to talk button to provide easy communication whilst working, ideal for staying connected on the shop floor.


  • Headsets: Headsets are a two way radio earpiece that typically sit over the head with an extended microphone, allowing for hands free communication. These are ideal for working in retail stores as you can maintain contact whilst still being able to work. At Wall to Wall we stock Single-sided headset with boom mic, Heavy-duty headset with boom mic and a Noise cancelling headset with boom mic


  • Wireless radio earpieces: Wireless earpieces are ideal for covert communication, particularly useful for security in retail. They can even be provided in flesh colour to be extra discreet.


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How to Clean and Disinfect Your Radio and Earpiece

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19 it is important now more than ever to regularly and thoroughly clean and disinfect your two way radios and earpieces. They both should be cleaned and disinfected after each use. Here is how…

  1. Thoroughly wash your hands, ensuring they are cleaned with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds. This prevents you from potentially re-contaminating the radios after cleaning. 
  2. Unplug the radio charging station, turn off the radios and remove the earpiece if it is connected to the radio. 
  3. Remove any batteries 
  4. Use a rubbing alcohol that has at least 70% concentration. Thoroughly wipe down the radio screens, buttons, antenna, the ear piece and any wires. It is also important to do this to the charging station and radio cases as well.
  5. Wait for the rubbing alcohol to be fully evaporated and both the radio and earpiece are dry. Do not speed this process up by using an external heat source.
  6. Replace any batteries
  7. Finish by thoroughly washing your hands once again.

For more information you can read our page ‘How to Effectively Clean and Disinfect Your Radio’ here. 

How to Effectively Clean and Disinfect Your Radio

How to Effectively Clean and Disinfect Your Radio

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, two way radios have become even more invaluable than they were before. Two way radios offer a method of communicating quickly, reliably and without face-to-face contact. They also allow for seamless communication in densely populated areas such as London, where mobile signal is near maximum capacity.

However, just as much as we should be washing our hands thoroughly and regularly, our radios require the same attention. Two way radios are durable and last a long time. This time allows for dust and small particles to build up around the buttons and control knobs. In addition to this, if two way radios are being used by multiple people, and particularly in vulnerable areas such as hospitals, care homes and isolation wards, they can also spread germs and bacteria. So what can you do to help keep the public and staff safe from the outbreak?

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How to Clean Your Two Way Radio

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds before cleaning the radio
  2. Turn off the radio, unplug the charger, and remove from the charging station
  3. Using a dry lint-free brush or cloth, wipe down the radio and charging station to remove fine particles and dust
  4. With a non-woven fabric and a neutral cleanser clean the antenna, buttons, control knobs, keys and case
  5. Allow the radio to thoroughly air dry without using an external heat source before using or replacing the radios back into the charging station
  6. Wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds after cleaning the radios

How to Disinfect Your Two Way Radio

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds before cleaning the radio
  2. Turn off the radio, unplug the charger, and remove from the charging station
  3. Remove the battery
  4. Using a rubbing alcohol of at least 70% concentration, wipe down the radios screen, case, buttons, control knobs, antenna and charging station
  5. Wait for the alcohol to evaporate and the radio to completely dry without using an external heat source
  6. Replace the battery 
  7. Wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds after cleaning the radios

Please note: 

  • Do not disinfect in a confined space
  • Whilst disinfecting, stay away from static electricity and flames

At Wall to Wall we know the importance of staying safe and well during this turbulent time. This is why we are also offering easy wipe-clean radio covers that can be disinfected quickly and efficiently to keep all staff and the public safe.

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