Manchester is a large city with an ever growing population, and with over 32,000 schools in the UK, there are over 250 in Manchester alone. With a huge population and a vast number of schools and students, parents are looking for reassurance that they are sending their children to a secure and safe learning environment. This is why two-way radio hire (walkie-talkies) for schools in Manchester and throughout the rest of the UK is a valuable resource. Radio hire in schools can improve communication seamlessly in an efficient and discreet manner with connections that do not rely upon mobile signal or WiFi. Two way radio hire for schools can improve health and safety, security, work efficiency and in emergency situations.

Radio hire for schools in Manchester


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If you are considering implementing two-way radios in your school in Manchester or across the UK, look no further than Wall to Wall Communications. Wall to Wall Communications are a trusted supplier who have supplied walkie-talkies to The Open University, King’s College London, University of Greenwich, Caterham School and University College London. At Wall to Wall Communications, we can help design a two-way radio (walkie-talkie) system that is specific to your institution and its needs, with everything from supplying, installing, commissioning and maintaining the radios, Wall to Wall Radio Communications covers it all. Two-way radios (walkie-talkies) are also available to hire on a long term basis, but also provide a service which allows you to hire additional radios on a temporary basis for events or school trips etc. 

How common are radios in schools 

Two-way radio hire in schools throughout Manchester and the rest of the UK is a tried and tested service that many institutions have come to rely upon. Walkie Talkies effectiveness and necessity in schools is something that can speak for itself with the statistics showing how common their use is. According to Motorola Solutions’ 2013 Nationwide Education Study, two-way radios (walkie-talkies) are used by 70% of principals, 65% of maintenance staff, 64% of bus drivers, 58% of security staff, 23% of teachers and 17% of coaches. 






Why should schools have radios

With a large number of students, staff and visitors, seamless communication is essential for many reasons. Two-way radio hire for schools in Manchester and the rest of the UK can help with:

  • Health and safety of students, staff and visitors
  • Emergency Communications, e.g. fire evacuations
  • Access control of visitors, students and deliveries
  • On-site security of staff, students, visitors, assets and buildings
  • Asset management of equipment and buildings
  • On-site paging to other members of staff

Specialised features for two-way radios in schools

Typically, the radios we recommend for schools in Manchester and the rest of the UK are Hytera PD785 and Hytera PD705 all of which come with specialised features to match your school’s specific requirements. 

  1. Inter-site communications that allow communications to adjacent schools or sites
  2. Security issue notifications that allow ad-hoc demonstrations and alerts
  3. Wide-area paging that can be used for staff call, for example
  4. Automatic notifications for situations including fire alarms or intruder alarm activations
  5. Noise cancelling abilities to ensure uninterrupted communications even in loud environments e.g. when the fire alarm goes off
  6. Caller ID
  7. Panic/emergency call functions
  8. GPS Tracking, particularly useful on large premises or on school trips
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