Pinewood is one of the world’s leaders for the makers of film, television, commercials and video games. They
have filmed exciting films at their studios including James Bond, Star Wars and Alice in Wonderland. We at Wall
to Wall Communications love what Pinewood as a company do, which made it a particularly special upgrade
project for us to be part of. We were first approached in 2012 for and over the past two years we have been
working with Pinewood to help develop a tailored two-way radio communication system that met their communication

Pinewood had originally had a very basic analogue system set up, which was not connecting their two sites. This
was a huge problem as they could not communicate with each other when they needed to.
Pinewood’s main requirement was to upgrade their existing analogue radio system to a digital two-way radio
communication system, which connected both Pinewood and Shepperton studios together. This was so they
were able to communicate internally within each site, and the radios had the capabilities to communicate to each
other across the two sites.

We upgraded their current analogue fleet to digital two-way radios (Hytera PD705 and Hytera X1p)
Both Pinewood and Shepperton studio sites covered a large surface area; therefore we installed repeaters at both
sites, to boost the coverage. An IP connection was set up to connect both sites so that transmissions can be
made across Shepperton and Pinewood Studio. We also installed the relevant mission critical applications on
their radios, according to their requirements including; remote monitor and lone worker.

· Improved coverage
· Improved voice clarity – digital two-way radios are noise cancelling therefore voice transmissions are clearer
in noisy environments such as during filming or events
· Upgraded, future proof digital radios that have more capabilities and enhance channel spectrum efficiently
· Both sites are now able to communicate to one another via two-way radio
· Increased communication security using high class digital covert two-way radios


Posted on

July 11, 2022

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