Founded in 1856, the National Portrait Gallery houses the finest collection of portraits in the world and offers a unique
insight into the men and women who have shaped British history and culture from the late Middle Ages to the present
day. They are a long standing client of ours and we at Wall to Wall Communications are proud to
support them.

The National Portrait Gallery presented many challenges to us in order to achieve an up-to-date system that was tailored
around their requirements. These challenges and requirements included the following:
· Their analogue system did not meet their requirements any more
· The site was experiencing a range of coverage issues across their site which needed to be rectified and
improved upon
· The National Portrait Gallery needed a communication link between their fire panels and two-way radios
· They needed an integrated solution that meant that if someone unauthorised handled a picture then they would be
alerted on their two-way radios
· Lastly, they required an integrated solution to achieve a communication link from their two-way radios to their telephones

We upgraded their current analogue two-way radios to Hytera DMR Digital PD6 series radios (PD665 and PD685). We
further added in Hytera RD985 repeaters and antennas to further boost coverage at site.
We then used our integrated technology to link together The National Portrait Gallery’s fire alarms, telephones and picture
alarms to their two-way radios.

· Telephone interconnect has enhanced the value of their two-way radio system by expanding their
communication network
· Fast-response system to fires, this prevents unnecessary whole site evacuation which causes disruption to guests
and costs a lot of money.
· Fast-response system to unauthorised picture handling, which in turn enhanced security
· Coverage is improved greatly with the use of digital two-way radios and repeaters
· Upgraded, future proof digital radios that have more capabilities and enhance channel spectrum efficiently


Posted on

July 11, 2022

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