Greenwich University is a British, London-based university. Comprising of three campuses; Greenwich, Avery Hill
and Medway. Greenwich University is one of the most popular filming locations in the UK. Major films have been
produced here such as; Sherlock Holmes, Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, Pirates of the Caribbean and James
Bond: Skyfall.

Greenwich University, as a whole is a large site with multiple buildings. Greenwich University approached us with
a system that was disjointed and didn’t connect all the sites. Communication between sites was done using
mobile phones, this wasn’t the most reliable way for them to communicate. Due to the size of the campuses,
Greenwich University suffered from poor coverage. Greenwich University hosts events and film production and
during these extra busy times, extra and more efficient communication was needed to support the operations of
such events.

We upgraded their existing analogue two-way radios to a DMR digital fleet with the MotoTRBO DP3600. We then
installed a distributed antenna system in order to boost coverage to the sites. The systems installed at each site
was then linked via an IP Link Integrated Solution. This meant that all sites could communicate to each other
freely and with ease.

· An increase in operations, health and safety efficiency
· Upgraded, future proof digital radios that have more capabilities and enhance
channel spectrum efficiently
· Reduced interference from nearby radio users
· Improved voice clarity – digital two-way radios are noise cancelling therefore
voice transmissions are clearer in noisy environments such as during events or
· Multi-site connection
· Increase in coverage with the use of digital two-way radios and a distributed antenna system


Posted on

July 11, 2022

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