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We have an on-going relationship with one of the UK’s leading construction contractors. This is a construction
company that prides itself on its skills, innovation and perfectionism.
They have been and currently involved in a variety of large-scale and exciting construction projects around the
UK and we are proud to be their number one supplier.

As their construction projects grew and evolved in size and complexity, so did their two-way radio communication
needs. They found that when their construction workers were high up on cranes and buildings, they were getting
interference from other construction companies in the surrounding area. So they approached us asking for us to
help them solve their issues with interference.

We upgraded their two-way radio fleet from analogue to digital. Radio interference creates static on an analogue
two-way radio whereas digital two-way radios maintains clarity of voice, even if a signal is badly corrupted. We
also had to keep re-programming their analogue radios due to this interference so upgrading to digital two-way
radios made sense from a cost-efficiency perspective as well. We provided them with Hytera PD705 LT digital
two-way radios. These radios are hard wearing, submersible in water and make them a great fit for a construction
site. Hytera PD705 LT is strictly compliant with IP67 standards, ensuring outstanding performance even in
harsh environments. They are also noise cancelling—great for a noisy construction site.

· Noise cancelling radios—so that transmissions can be heard in a noisy construction site
· Hard-wearing radios, fit for a construction site
· Improved coverage


Posted on

July 11, 2022

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