What is Trackitt and How Can It Help Your Business?

What is Trackitt and How Can It Help Your Business?

What is Trackitt?

Trackitt is Wall to Wall Communications very own data and voice dispatcher software application. Trackitt offers business an extremely cost effective way to collect data on the location of radio holders. Not only does Trackitt collect geographical data in real-time but it also stores the historic geographical location so it is easy to see where your radio has been. In addition to this, Trackitt also supports a messaging functionality for enhanced communication, on of the most important functions when running a successful business. To ensure Trackitt can be used by a wide range of businesses, at Wall to Wall Communication we created this software to work on digital two-way radios, analogue two-way radios and mobile radio devices too. Another perk of Trackitt is it’s a remote-hosted solution. This means that Trackitt can be accessed by any place there is internet access and by any number of operators at the same time.

What can Trackitt tell me?

The functionality of Trackitt does not stop there. Trackitt provides in-depth information so you and your business are fully informed at all times. The location of individual radios can be seen on a map, allowing for an easy viewable format that can be quickly analysed. The speed of individual radios can also be seen and tracked across the whole journey as well as a colour coded dot that indicates whether the user of the radio is walking, driving or not moving. Not only this, Trackitt will show you the distance covered, time stamps, the start time and the direction of travel at every point of the journey.







How can Trackitt help your business?

    • Can be accessed by any number of operators in real time: This gives you and your business ultimate control and up to date information for everyone. This will increase speed, efficiency and productivity.  
    • Can be used with digital and analogue two way radios as well as mobile radio devices: Your business will not have to sacrifice its choice of radio to benefit from Trackitt. When you choose Wall to Wall Communications and offer a tailored outdoor tracking solution to harmoniously fit in with the running of your business.
    • In depth information: The ability to monitor the movement of your radios so closely allows for your business to spot areas of improvement, maximise productivity, minimise waste, create in depth plans and make more accurate predictions.
    • Easy to use software: At Wall to Wall Communications we know how important it is to have information at your fingertips, quick to access and easy to navigate. When using the Trackitt software there are multiple features that make this possible. For example; you can search for specific device locations by their title, or sort the list of devices by which ones have updated most recently to keep you on top of radio movements, you can set the period of time before considering a GPS location report too old to use.
    • Messaging function: Radios can send text messages to and from the operator which allows to easy and recordable communication.
    • Update the status of individual radios: To enhance communication and easy monitoring of all users, radios and operators can change the ‘status’ of a radio. For example; off duty, on duty, call back request, emergency, emergency cleared, PTT, GPS location request and GPS location received.
    • Logged information: All of the information collected by the radios and operators is logged and easily accessible so your business can easily monitor activity.

Businesses that could benefit from Trackitt: Transportation companies, courier and delivery companies, taxi services, delivery companies

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