At Wall to Wall Communications we know that the safety of your staff and visitors is of the utmost importance to you and your business. The technology you use on site must therefore maintain and enhance these high levels of safety, particularly if you are working in a hazardous environment. Two way radios enhance communication, efficiency and therefore safety. However, if the environment is particularly hazardous and potentially explosive such as an oil rig or petrol tanker, your two way radio must meet increased safety standards. This is where ATEX radios come in…

ATEX radios

What is an ATEX radio?

ATEX stands for Atmosphere Explosibles which were first introduced in 2003. An ATEX radio is a radio that is built to meet the world’s strictest safety standards. ATEX radios are made to withstand and keep working reliably in the toughest environments where explosives are involved, whilst still maintaining the highest level of safety. 


What features make ATEX radios so safe?

ATEX radios are classed as ‘intrinsically safe’. This means that this technology is safe to use around explosive material as there is a reduced risk of the radio generating a flame or even the tiniest spark that could trigger an explosion. ATEX radios also ensure that minimal heat is produced when the device is in use for the same reason. 

Waterproof– These radios can withstand submersion into water and still function after a period of time

Shockproof– These radios are encased in a tough shell with a compact body designed to last and withstand explosions

Dustproof– The shell of these radios are sealed to ensure no material can penetrate the body 

Lithium-ion battery pack– This battery produces stable output power without overheating to minimise the risk of a flame or a spark being produced.

In addition to all of the safety features, these radios also come equipped with all of the functions you would expect from a regular digital radio such as man-down function, lone worker, text messaging, GPS, emergency button, built in scrambling and site connect. 

What businesses are ATEX radios designed for?

Many businesses can benefit from the use of ATEX radios including chemical plants, airports, timber sawmills, oil rigs, oil refineries, emergency scenes attended by police, fire and ambulance services, engine rooms, coal mines, gas mines, factories, and engine mines.

ATEX radios at Wall to Wall

At Wall to Wall Communications we stock a selection of ATEX radios so we can ensure there is a radio that will meet your businesses individual needs. These include the HYTERA PD715 Ex and the HYTERA PD795 Ex; the world’s first IIC intrinsically safe ATEX digital portable radios, the Motorola MOTOTRBO DP4401EX ATEX, MOTOTRBO DP4801EX ATEX, KenwoodTK-2260EX, Kenwood TK-3260EX and the military standard ICOM IC-F51 and ICOM IC-F61.

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