We are 40! Let us celebrate and help YOU this 2019!

2019 marks our 40-year anniversary here at Wall to Wall Communications; here’s to the next 40 years! To help us celebrate our anniversary, we are here to tell you how we can help you this 2019 and giving you an insight into who we are.

Experience in industry

Here at Wall to Wall communications, we cover a vast variety of industries in and around the UK. So whatever industry you’re in, we are here to help you out this 2019.

We cover industries from:
-Hospitality Leisure
-Auction Houses
-Transportation Logistics
-Film Production
-Lots more!

Every solution is tailored to suit your needs. We provide all kinds of walkie-talkies and two-way radio systems appropriate for a variety of businesses.

Working in partnership with you, trusted suppliers for over 40 years

Over the last 4 decades, we have had the pleasure to work in partnership with our clients, always looking to provide the best value and customer service.

From political events requiring 150+ two-way radios and the Commonwealth Games to local businesses, hospitality venues and construction firms we’re striving to provide cost-effective, high-quality solutions, saving you time, worry and money with 40 years’ of experience.

Our Bespoke Solutions – using 40 years’ of experience to save you time and money

We’ve provided thousands of timely, cost-effective, high-quality communication solutions. From two-way radio to leaky feeder systems. We’ll use our experience to shortcut the process for your company, giving you the solution faster, saving you time, money and giving peace of mind.

Our Services: Our Guarantee

At Wall to Wall Communications, we aim to provide you with the best equipment and systems you need for your industry. Call us on 0208 770 1007 and speak to the most experienced team in the industry.

No matter how big or small, where in the country you are or what your two-way radio (walkie-talkie) equipment hire requirements may be, our experience will help to provide you with a tailored two way radio (walkie-talkie) equipment hire or wireless package, comprising of accessories, licensing formalities, maintenance, flexibility and any special requirements you may have.

Super-Fast Dispatch, Delivery, and Installation

One of our specialists are also more than happy to come out to your location and demonstrate how the equipment works, to help eliminate your stress and make sure you’re able to use your equipment with ease.

In addition, we offer a dispatch and delivery service to make sure your equipment is at your location within 24 hours, though we recommended to check and confirm the availability of the equipment you wish to hire beforehand! Simply give us a call.

So again, thank you for the last 40 years and coming on this journey with us, whether you’re a new, existing client or simply having a nosey into what we do here… We are definitely celebrating.

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