Two-way radio maintenance contracts

Two-way radio systems are a valuable investment and important equipment. To avoid having to spend more than you need to, they need to be looked after in order to ensure you’re not replacing your gear earlier than you have to. Having a two-way radio maintenance contract is a fantastic solution for reliability and your bottom line to ensure quality kit is kept to a high standard by fully certified, expert, radio engineers.

To help you decide if having a two-way radio maintenance contract is the right solution for your needs we have listed 6 key benefits, allowing you to save time and get the solution you need.

1.  Protecting your investment – save money

First and foremost, it’s expensive to keep purchasing new radios, especially when it’s avoidable. Two-way radio maintenance contracts ensure that you protect your initial investment and keep your radio equipment operating effectively by regular servicing and  functionality checks on a regular basis. These checks are fitted in with your schedule and can be performed on-site for super fast turnaround or back at our workshop

2.  Priority service – reliability and avoiding downtime

Service contracts give you first priority and will ensure you are the first in line when you have a problem. This means you’ll receive lighting fast turnaround times which are incredibly handy in the unfortunate event your two-way radios are not functioning correctly. For peace of mind that your two-way system will be fully functioning days and hours before or during a big event then this is the solution you’ll want. It also keeps projects running smoothly and avoids any issues on a day to day basis for office use.

By having a maintenance contract, your radios are hours not days or weeks away from being fixed and operational. This can be the difference between events running, projects being completed on time or the office opening.

Get your two way radio solution, fast.

3.  Gain Expertise & trust, save time & money

Scrambling days before an important occasion to find a suitable professional to fix your equipment is stressful and can result in problems. This can be a lack of expertise or concerns over their ability to perform a specific task in the timeframe which then results in further delays or letting down your clients. By putting your radio equipment on a tailored maintenance agreement, you can ensure this won’t happen at the time you need help the most.

4.  No Surprises with an expert, experienced team supporting you

Two-way radio products are often critical to your business or vital to ensure the safety of staff and visitors.

To ensure you aren’t caught out by faulty radio equipment, Wall To Wall provide a range of options for planned, scheduled, emergency and out of hours maintenance. Not only that, but there won’t be any hidden fees or unexpected costs, we’re completely upfront and happy to give the best advice for your requirements. The contracts are tailored to your budget and requirements and everything is agreed before signing the dotted line. This allows you to have peace of mind, both financially and operationally.

We’ve been trusted by companies and venues such as The Barbican, London Underground, The National Portrait Gallery, Hilton Hotels and The Commonwealth Games and can provide your solution, no matter how big or small.

5. Minimize downtime

As a busy company, the last thing you want to think about is equipment not working which results in downtime for business activity. Two-way radio maintenance contracts make sure that this happens as little as possible, minimizing your risk. By having regular checks and quick maintenance call-outs, there’s also less hassle involved in making sure your radios are functioning properly which gives you more time to focus on the important tasks that require your daily or one-off attention! With a huge stock of spare parts and accessories for any make or model, and all your information already on file, this also speeds up the process significantly.

6. Professional customer service

Last but definitely not least, professional service. Expertise and trust are essential and having a reliable, professional team that can support you throughout your two-way radio products and systems lifecycle is something that is hard to come by. This is the best way to ensure you won’t have to wait around or be put on hold when trying to get your communications serviced or back up and running. From the off, when supporting your business, our service is tailored to your needs and the engineers are fully aware of your radio’s previous history allowing for quick and seamless diagnosis and repair.

In summary two-way radio maintenance contracts can make running your company so much easier, allowing you to focus on growing and delivering excellent service to your customers and reliable equipment to your staff.

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