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Everyone loves a good time, which is why there are now so many music events, festivals, concerts and more to choose from. With a lot of competition and regulation in the marketplace, it’s more important than ever for music events to run as smoothly and safely as possible. Whether it’s a world-famous festival, a niche music gig or something in-between, there’s one thing that they all have in common; people.

Events and Festivals can be huge events and so we’ve produced a simple guide for what you need to know as a music event or festival organiser should know when looking for a two-way radio solution.

The importance of seamless communication

From organisers and staff to attendees, artists, and medical personnel, it’s vital for event management to communicate around the site. Two-way radios have become an irreplaceable piece of equipment for music event teams for this exact reason, giving management the ability to contact anyone onsite with the push of a button. We’ve outlined below a list of the reasons why using the right kind of two-way radio hire for your music event will make your event significantly safer, better and give you peace of mind.

Organisation to help your event run smoothly throughout and save time

Two Way Radio For Music Events and Festivals

A good event is built on having great organisation. Great organisation comes from the ability to communicate effectively with people working on the event. This can be applied to all stages of the music event, from the initial build in the case of large-scale festivals, during the event, right the way up to the pack down when the last member of staff goes home. Two-way radios allow you as a music event or festival to organise teams quickly and efficiently without calling for regular onsite meetings which saves time and helps efficiency. A communication plan should be drafted before the event takes place, answering questions such as;

  • Does everyone onsite need a radio?
  • Who is going to be on what channels?

Increasing the safety and security at your event

Safeguarding all attendees at your event is top priority. Without staff and guests feeling safe when on the premises, the event simply will not be able to run. Two-way radios at music events and festivals ensure you have constant, live and real-time information if required about what’s happening on site. This gives management the ability to monitor the event and ensure any potential problems are dealt with or handled before they get out of control.

In the event of a medical or fire emergency, your two-way radios staff are easily contactable and you can instantaneously put in place your event emergency action plan. For example; who mans which points, the direction of attendees to designated safety areas as well as management staying up to date with the situation on the ground.

Get a solution for your music events or festival needs

Efficiency and use of time

The ability to implement decisions quickly is an imperative part of running a successful music event. Two-way radio gives you the ability to contact people at the push of a button and ensures if plans change or an update is required, the relevant people can be informed immediately.

Alternatively, if staff have a question they are able to contact the relevant manager onsite before proceeding, making sure time is not wasted on incorrect tasks. Their rugged and easy-to-use functionality also ensures time isn’t wasted fixing faulty equipment, which brings us onto our next essential to know a piece of advice.

Reliability and Quality

Unlike phone signal, two-way radios are incredibly reliable. Rugged and with no reliance on phone networks, two-way radios offer you the ‘always-on’ signal required for essential communications at events. Modern radios also feature GPS as standard, meaning staff don’t just know when an alarm has been raised but can pinpoint the exact location accurately. Some of the extra features that make them some of the most reliable and versatile communications devices out there include;

  • Dustproof and waterproof for use in the not so great British weather conditions
  • Remote power off in event of unauthorised use
  • Noise cancelling features for noisy environments such as near tents/ roads/ stages.
  • Supports text communications
  • Earpieces provide silent communication if needed

An experienced, specialist, two-way radio hire provider

Like your communications, it is imperative your two-way communication partner and provider is a specialist in your field. At Wall to Wall Communications, we’ve provided two-way radio communications at events such as Latitude, Secret Garden Party, T in the Park, Glastonbury and The Commonwealth Games 2014 for England Rugby Sevens Team.

With over 40 years experience, a UK, Surrey based expert team and a genuine passion for helping our partners, we’d love to speak with you and answer any questions about your event’s requirements.

So there you have it! To run a successful, safe and efficient music event two-way radios are an essential piece of equipment to ensure everything runs smoothly. Take a look at our short and long-term two-way radio (walkie-talkie) equipment hire or get in touch and let us know your requirements. We have the capacity to provide two-way radio (walkie-talkie) equipment hire to both large and small events or needs.

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