What is an Intrinsically Safe Radio?

At Wall to Wall we are proud to stock a number of intrinsically safe radios. These include the Hytera ATEX radios, Motorola ATEX radios, ICOM ATEX radios and Kenwood ATEX Radios. For more information on which one is best for you, you can read our blog ‘Which ATEX Radio Is Right For Your Business’ here

What is an intrinsically safe radio?

An intrinsically safe radio is a two way communication device that is safe to use in hazardous environments. They are certified to be present around any material or substance that could potentially be dangerous if there was a spark, heat or a flame present.. Intrinsically safe radios meet the highest safety standards to ensure they do not ignite any flammable materials.They are also known as ATEX radios, which stands for ATmosphere EXplosibles.

Intrinsically safe radios can be defined as “equipment and wiring which is incapable of releasing sufficient electrical or thermal energy under normal or abnormal conditions to cause ignition of a specific hazardous atmospheric mixture in its most easily ignited concentration.”

intrinsically safe radio

Intrinsically safe radio standards

Industries that work around potentially explosive substances have some the highest level of safety standards that need to be upheld. This includes two way radios which cannot produce heat, a flame or a spark. This is not only for the people working in these industries, but the facility itself and those living in the surrounding area. These industries include but are not limited to petrol stations, coal mines, oil refineries and factories. It is therefore extremely important that all of the technology used in these industries comply with stringent safety standards. 

Intrinsically safe radio standards are typically classified under four categories. These include the class, group, division and temperature.

    • Class: This refers to the type of hazardous material that will be present on site e.g. flammable gas, vapours and liquids, combustible dusts and ignitable fibres. 
    • Group: ATEX radios will be classified by the ignition temperatures and explosion pressures of the materials
    • Division: The site on which the radios are used will be assessed. Factors such as the concentration of hazards and cause of potential hazards such as equipment failure. 
    • Temperature: The temperature at which an ignition can be started should not exceed the maximum surface temperature of the radio

Tips for using intrinsically safe radios

  1. You must never charge an intrinsically safe radio in a hazardous area
  2. You must never remove the battery whilst in a hazardous area
  3. Ensure all radio accessories are Intrinsically Safe Approved 
  4. Regularly check for damage- do not use a damaged Intrinsically Safe Radio in a hazardous area
  5. Do not remove or install radio accessories whilst in a hazardous area e.g. headsets or speaker
Motorola ATEX Radios

Motorola ATEX Radios

At Wall to Wall Communications we are proud to stock a variety of two way radios, including Motorola ATEX radios. From Digital walkie talkies, to analogue radios, License free radios to a selection of ATEX radios. Stocking a wide range of two way radios ensure that you get the exact radio rental you are looking for. By using Wall to Wall as your two way radio supplier you will be advised by experts in telecommunications, with a company that has over 40 years experience. You can read about everything Wall to Wall provides on our blog post here.

What is an ATEX Radio?

ATEX stands for Atmosphere Explosibles, but are also known as Intrinsically Safe radios. These radios are specifically designed to be used in hazardous environments where there is flammable substances, dust and explosives. Where ‘normal’ radios would pose a health and safety risk, ATEX radios are designed to be extremely dust-proof, emit no sparks and meet the highest safety standards. Intrinsically Safe radios are appropriate for environments such as petrol stations, flour mills, chemical plants, oil refineries, coal mines and factories. For more information you can read our blog post ‘What Are ATEX Radios and Do I Need Them?’ here.

Motorola ATEX Radio

At Wall to Wall Communications we stock two Motorola ATEX radios. These include the MOTOTRBO DP4801EX ATEX and the MOTOTRBO DP4401EX ATEX. Both of these Motorola ATEX radios have their own key features and benefits. 

Motorola DP4401 EX: This Motorola radio is ATEX certified, meaning it meets the highest safety standards. This easy to use two way radio delivers the highest quality voice and data communications. As well as performing the basic functions of a two way radio, this radio comes equipped with a host of additional functions. These include…

  • Three programmable functions
  • Emergency button
  • 32 channel capacity
  • GPS
  • Customisable voice announcements
  • Priority-based interruption
  • Built-in scrambling
  • Rugged design
  • Intelligent Audio Feature
  • IP Site Connect 

Motorola DP4801 EX: This Motorola is also ATEX certified radio, meeting the highest safety standards. This digital radio comes with even more additional features. These include…

  • GPS
  • Text messaging
  • Day/night mode
  • Full colour display
  • Intelligent Audio Feature
  • Low powered (good for areas with explosive gas)
  • IP Site Connect
  • Priority based interruption
  • Emergency button
  • Built-in scrambling
  • Rugged design
  • Water submersible 

Kenwood ATEX radios

In addition to Motorola ATEX radios, Wall to Wall Communications are also proud suppliers of Kenwood ATEX radios. In particular the Kenwood TK-2260EX (VHF) and the Kenwood 3260EX (UHF).  

Hytera ATEX radios

Wall to Wall Communications stocks two Hytera ATEX radios. These include the HYTERA PD715 EX and the HYTERA PD795 EX.

ICOM ATEX radios

Wall to Wall Communications also provides the ICOM IC-F51 (VHF) and the ICOM IC-561 (UHF) ATEX radios. These are military standard radios. 

If you are looking for an ATEX radio, feel free to read our blog post ‘Which ATEX Radio is Right For Your Business’ which details and compares all of the ATEX radio Wall to Wall Communications stocks, including Motorola ATEX radios, Kenwood ATEX radios, Hytera ATEX radios and ICOM ATEX radios.

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