Radio Repairs and Maintenance | Common Issues

Radio Repairs and Maintenance | Common Issues

At Wall to Wall to Wall Communications we know how important it is to you and your business to have two way radio communication functioning consistently, reliably and at its optimum level. That is why here at Wall to Wall we have an in-house radio repairs team with over 40 years of experience to give you the peace of mind you need. In addition to this, we also provide onsite checks, repairs and updates to keep on top of your two way radio’s functionality. We are dedicated to not only supplying two way radios, but also keeping them running throughout their lifetime.

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In house radio repairs team

At Wall to Wall Communications we have a dedicated and expert radio repairs team. With years of experience, the team are able to quickly and effectively diagnose common issues with a wide range of radios including analogue radios and digital radios. After diagnosing the issue, the in house radio repairs team can deconstruct and rebuild your radios down to component level to fix even the smallest of problems. With the newest and most advanced technology at our fingertips you can rely on an accurate diagnosis and professional results every time. 

Having to send your radios in for a regular service can leave your staff without communication and halt business. That is why at Wall to Wall Communications we can hire out radio units whilst your radio repairs are taking place to ensure business is unaffected and kept running smoothly. 

On site radio repairs and maintenance

For customers who cannot do without their radios, at Wall to Wall Communications we also offer onsite repairs and preventative maintenance visits. Depending on your two way radio package, these visits can be tailored to your system in regards to the wear and tear, software updates needed and frequency of use. 

Common issues

  • Outdated Firmware: During our onsite visit, our team of experts will check the firmware on the radios and update it where possible to ensure your radios are functioning at the highest level possible.
  • Short battery life: A short battery life can create disturbances in the running of your teams. The radio repairs team can realign the power output to prolong your radios battery life to keep you communicating all day long.
  • Poor signal: If your radio is experiencing lower coverage and weak signal, our experts will investigate the cause. Commonly this is a result of the antenna damage or signal “Drift”, which is a service that can be provided during onsite visits. 
  • Out of date specifications: During the onsite visit, our radio repairs experts can make adjustments and provide a full RF test.
  • All minor faults: Whilst onsite, our radio repairs team can fix a multitude of small problems there and then. For any major faults, the team will take them to Wall to Walls in house radio repairs workshop for further diagnosis. 
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