Radio Hire Birmingham

Radio Hire Birmingham

Radio Hire Birmingham

The key to any company’s success is effective communication, therefore you need a solution which allows you instant and clear communication with all areas of the business, even in crowded areas where phone signal is often lost. In major cities such as Birmingham radio hire has become one of the most effective and popular solutions which companies are using to provide them with effective communication which allows the smooth running of the business. This is not industry specific either, with businesses ranging from education, office blocks, events and even more utilising the features of radio and the convenience of radio hire to take the next step in their companies. At Wall to Wall Communications we utilise our modern and reliable products with a tailored experience to create the best experience for you. In this guide we will explore how radio hire could be used in your Birmingham based business, as well as some example industries where our clients have found success in the past.

If you would like to speak to us regarding radio hire for your business in Birmingham and how we can create effective communication, please call us on 020 8770 1007 and we will be happy to assist you.

Why should you use Wall to Wall as your Radio supplier

With over 30 years of experience in the radio hire business, Wall to Wall Communications has the expertise you need. Providing tailored experiences for all of our customers, we specialise in B2B and providing incredible customer service and aftercare you can rely on.

We’ve worked with companies from a wide range of industries and have increased the communication which they receive, catered entirely on their unique wants and needs. We also offer a free 7-day trial of our products and services so you can be certain that radio hire is beneficial to you, with no risk associated.

Industries which may benefit from radio hire in Birmingham

Our products have a wide range of features and uses, meaning they can have an effective role in a variety of businesses and industries. Wall to Wall Communications provides a tailored and unique service to each of its customers, meaning that we will work with you to make sure you get the most of your radio hire and have worked with businesses ranging from hospitality, security, construction and more. If you’d like more details about some of our current or previous customers, then visit

Regardless of your business, you can be sure that we will provide you with a communications solution which will benefit you. Some of the most common and successful integrations of radio hire in Birmingham have been outlined below.

Office Blocks

With many people situated in a small surface area, office blocks can be one of the most common places for phone signal to be lost. This is when businesses can find issues in their communication, which can have an influence on the smooth running of the enterprise. Many businesses in office blocks are integrating radio hire in their communication strategy to counteract this issue. For example, many of our radios work on multiple frequencies, giving you more than one option when phone signal is lost.

Radio hire also allows for instant and constant communication between different members and teams, ensuring everyone is on the same page and aware of any events or issues which may occur. Office blocks are one of the most common adaptions of radio hire in Birmingham, with radios providing immediate and reliable communication.

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When children are under your care, ensuring their safety and security is the most important aspect of their school life. Radio hire allows members of staff to communicate with one another with ease, while a number of other features which our radios provide can be instrumental in guaranteeing the safety of all staff members and pupils. One of which is the simple vibration feature, which tells staff that they’re being contacted even in crowded and busy areas such as playgrounds and lunch halls. We also offer location tracking, which can make the difference in extreme events, as other members of staff can track where all radios are, along with the people using them. Other features which may be beneficial to schools include:

  • Digital Voice Clarity
  • Man down function
  • Voice Record

radio hire birmingham

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