How to Solve Two Way Radio Interference

How to Solve Two Way Radio Interference

At Wall to Wall we know that fast, clear and reliable communication is extremely important in the running of your business. Particularly when trying to communicate in a time sensitive or emergency situation, any interruption in relaying messages can have devastating effects. So what can you do if you are experiencing two way radio interference?

What is two way radio interference?

Two way radio interference is when users can hear any additional noises or other conversations whilst using the radio. Whilst hearing other conversations can lead you to being more well informed, unsolicited interruptions can be dangerous in an emergency situation, or just simply a nuisance! In addition to this, two way radio interference can go both ways, if you can hear other conversations over the radio, other radios can hear your conversation too. This can lead to confidential information being relayed to the wrong people. So, if you are a business that requires uninterrupted radio transmissions, then here are a few ways you can do this…

two way radio interference





How can you stop two way radio interference?

  • Get an OFCOM licence

One of the main drawbacks of using unlicensed radios is that they share a frequency with other unlicensed radio users, this inevitably leads to two way radio interference. This issue is particularly prominent in built-up areas such as large cities where there are many competing radio users all trying to communicate at the same time. If you require a secure and uninterrupted frequency with no interference then you should seek to purchase a licence from the Office of Communication (OFCOM). OFCOM is in charge of enforcing, protecting and managing the radio spectrum. Once you have obtained a licensed radio, you will have clear and uninterrupted frequencies.

  • Use POC two way radios

POC radio

Trying to obtain a licence from OFCOM is not always easy, especially in densely populated areas where many radio users are also trying to secure an uninterrupted radio frequency. POC technology however does not use radio waves to communicate and eliminates the need to obtain a license. 

POC stands for PTT (Push to Talk) Over Cellular. Instead of using the traditional radio waves, the radios use the mobile data network (3G, 4G, 5G) or WIFI signal to communicate. This means there is no two way radio interference and no need for an OFCOM licence! Other benefits of POC technology include unlimited distance. Learn more by reading our How PTT Over Cellular (POC) Is Making New Waves blog post.


  • Noise cancelling function

If your two way radio interference isn’t coming from other radio users, but from surrounding noises, e.g. at a music festival, event or in busy areas, then there are ways Wall to Wall can help here too! When communicating with lots of background noises, messages can be hard to understand and cause difficulty in communication. This in turn can lead to inefficiency and even inhibit response time in emergency situations. 

At Wall to Wall Communications we offer radios with noise cancelling functions that mean even in the noisiest situations, messages can be sent and received in a clear and understandable way by cancelling out background noises. 

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