Lone Worker Two Way Radio Communication for Construction

Lone Worker Two Way Radio Communication for Construction

Lone Worker Two Way Radio Systems for Construction

When working on construction sites, it is important that your communication systems meet all the necessary criteria, to ensure the efficient running of staff and work. This can be even more important when you have a lone worker on a site. At Wall to Wall Communications, we’ve used our 40 years’ of experience to guide you on choosing a lone worker two-way radio system, tailored to your sites requirements and needs.

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Health & Safety

By investing in Two-Way communications, you can rest assured you will be meeting the highest standards of health and safety with your communications systems. You’ll find a complete a range of different Two-way radios to choose from, such as Handheld with Caller IDs.

Many two-way radio systems have location tracking and panic, man down or emergency call features to ensure that you’re able to keep yourself and others in the location safe. These become even more important when a lone worker is on site with no one else potentially on hand to alert in the event of an emergency on the construction site.

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Lone Worker specific two-way radio functionality

Where you have an employee performing offsite or lone on site duties and tasks, ensuring you have a lone worker function and it is activated is very important. This means the site worker pressing a button or similar on their radio at specific time intervals. If he/she does not press the button, an alert is activated so managers are able to check on the workers safety.

Use of Man Down features on construction sites

A man down radio feature means additional safety for construction sites and can automatically alert a supervisor where:
The radio holder is not moving
The radio holder is moving more than would be considered normal
The actual radio has been stationed at an unusual angle for time exceeding what would be considered standard


Instant Communications

Having a two-way communication system on site or on your person, means there is access to continuous communication. If you do have a lone worker on site, our radio systems have Telephone Intercom features, which means you have access to multi-site calling.

Furthermore, two-way radios mean you have efficient communications throughout your work day. This is particularly important if you work or have workers in areas such as underground or high above ground where having a mobile phone isn’t enough.

Operating Machinery

There are many reasons as to why you should have two-way communications devices on a construction site such as, first and foremost, health and safety, access and security but it also vital if you are operating heavy machinery such as cranes or bulldozers. Not only does having communication devices make sure everyone around you is safe and aware, but it again, ensures that you have constant access to communication in case of a situation. It is of the upmost importance that you are able to contact other sites or emergency services should you need to. Essentially, it gives you live communications with an individual or groups making sure that everything you do on site is safe and runs smoothly.

At Wall to Wall we have over 40 years’ experience. Previous clients include:

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Our Top Recommendations for radios on construction sites

You can find all of our product information on our website https://walltowallcomms.co.uk, however, for construction purposes, we would best recommend the following communications:

Hytera PD785- HYTERA PD785 digital portable radio with big colour display. The HYTERA PD785 digital portable radio is available in UHF, VHF & GPS configurations. It is top of the range model (management style) with rich functionality.

As a product built to the DMR standard, the PD785 is endowed with ergonomic design, all-round digital functions, and remarkable quality to refresh your experience and enable you to be responsive to emergent situations. With its large HD Transflective Colour Display and Superior Digital Voice clarity, the portable is suitable for most applications.

HYTERA PD705 – The HYTERA PD705lt digital two-way radio is available in UHF and VHF configurations.
The Hytera PD705lt is recommended for those who are looking for a brilliant yet cost-effective digital two-way radio that does not require all the bells and whistles. The Lite is a slight downgrade from a popular PD705 with no GPS, Man Down or Multi-Site Systems capability. The most appealing feature of this model is its competitive price.

As a product built to the DMR standard, the PD705lt is endowed with ergonomic design, all-round digital functions, and remarkable quality to refresh your experience and enable you to be responsive to emergent situations. With its Superior Digital Voice clarity the portable is suitable for most applications.

MOTOROLA DP4400 – The Motorola DP4000 Series portable delivers unrivaled voice and data communications with optional integrated GPS plus Bluetooth audio and data plus best-in-class audio that includes Intelligent Audio and customizable voice announcement feature.
Available in UHF and VHF frequency bands, the Motorola DP4000 Series is easy to use and features up to 32 channel capacity, five programmable buttons, emergency button, IP57 specifications for submersibility and FM intrinsically safe option.

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