Radios can have many benefits to offices. With many offices being situated within busy areas, mobile phone signal can be poor and unreliable. Two way Radios can be the perfect solution to this when signal drops out. One of the most important uses of radio is for security. Radio allows your security team to have effective communications with one another and other members of the company. This can be the difference in high pressure situations and emergencies.

Beneficial Features of Radios for Offices

radio hire for offices

Our radios have a number of different features which can be advantageous for offices. Some of these features which may be most useful would be:

Location Tracking: When someone goes missing, time can be of the essence. Location tracking ensures that those carrying a radio may be found as quickly as possible if they go missing. Location tracking also allows managers to make sure that staff are working where they are meant to be to enable smooth working.

Man Down Functions: Often used by security, this allows those who are in danger to notify others easily and quickly. This can be the difference between life and death in some situations and lets the rest of the team know that there might be a threat in the office.

Voice record: This can be used by any member of a company and is a fantastic feature to record meetings, alterations or passing thoughts which might be of use later.

Other features which we include:

  • Voice encryption
  • Text Messaging
  • Accessories such as earpieces to allow for discrete but clear communication

Case Study: Pinewood Studios


Pinewood is one of the largest media and video game producers in the world; producing films such as Star Wars, James Bond and Alice in Wonderland. This was an exciting opportunity for us as a company as we love what Pinewood do.

We worked with Pinewood for a period which spanned over 2 years, developing a solution to their communication needs which included the development of specially tailored two-way radio communication system.

The Challenge

Pinewood needed a solution which would allow smooth and clear communication between their two sites, which was not being fulfilled by the existing analogue system which they had in place.

The main requirement which Pinewood had was to upgrade this system to a two-way communication system which connected both Shepperton and Pinewood studios. This system would allow internal communication within each site, as well as cross-site communication.

The Solution

We at Wall to Wall upgraded the existing analogue system to new two-way radios. We also boosted the coverage at each site by installing repeaters due to the large surface area at each site.

An IP connection was established which allowed communication between the sites through transmissions made at both Pinewood and Shepperton, as well as the installation of various mission critical applications such as lone worker and remote monitor.

Solution Benefits

  • Improved communication coverage
  • Enhanced audio clarity – noise cancelling functions in digital two-way radios allow better communication in loud environments
  • Future proof communication
  • Sites now able to communicate with one-another seamlessly
  • Increased levels of security due to digital covert radios


Why Wall to Wall Comms?

We are an established company, with over 40 years of experience in the industry. We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of technological advances and specialise in B2B to ensure that your company receives the best possible products, with the best possible customer service. We offer tailored experiences to all of our clients and make sure that each is trained in the use of our products so that they can benefit as much as possible.

We also have some of the best on-call specialists in the business, who are there to help prevent problems and ensure that any problems which do arise are fixed as quickly as possible. We are so confident in our products and service that we offer a free 7-day trial.

Need radios fast? We offer next day delivery to many areas within the UK.

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