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Edinburgh, capital of Scotland, is located in Lothian on the Firth of Forth’s southern shore and has been the capital of the country since the 15th century. The development of Edinburgh since has seen the city welcome a blossoming tourist industry, as well as businesses with an array of other interests. This growing number of businesses has meant new challenges for existing and new companies alike. One of these challenges has been finding effective and reliable communication solutions.

Businesses in Edinburgh are turning to radio hire more as a solution to effective communication, safety and security. Radio hire provides the tool businesses need in area where phone signal is unreliable and the ability to talk to members from different teams instantly and clearly. Wall to Wall Communications works with companies from a wide range of different industries, providing services and products which are tailored to their unique needs and wants. These products have a range of different features which can be utilised in different ways depending on the company and situation. This guide will give you an idea of the different ways in which companies in Edinburgh are already using radio hire in their business, and how you can too.

radio hire edinburgh

Why Wall to Wall Communications

Wall to Wall Communications has over 40 years of experience in delivering tailored and effective communication solutions to companies from different industries with different needs. We stay ahead of the game by ensuring our clients receive the latest in radio technology, as well as providing the best possible after care from our trained specialists. We also provide training to each of our clients to ensure that they know how to use the radios and can begin reaping the benefits of them as soon as possible. Next day delivery is also available to those who wish to hire radio immediately.

We provide tailored experiences for each client, establishing the greatest products and services which will complement their business and business needs. We even offer a free 7-day trial so you can be safe in the knowledge that radio hire in the right solution for you, risk free.

Our on-call specialists are some of the best available and have been highly trained to fix any issues or help with any problems which you may have with your products, as quickly and as stress-free as possible.

Industries which may benefit from radio hire in Edinburgh

Office Blocks

Phone signal in office blocks is often completely unreliable. The high number of people in a small area mean that mobile phone signal is often patchy or non-existent. This is especially an issue in cities such as Edinburgh, which has a large number of office blocks close together. As a result, many businesses are turning towards radio hire to improve the communication and communication quality which staff have with one another and with security.

Many of our radios include the use of two channels, giving you double the opportunity for effective communication if one is not working optimally. Many office-based businesses also use this feature to separate communication between different teams within the business and reduce overcrowding.

Other features which our radios have, such as vibration and man-down function, are especially useful in terms of security and guaranteeing staff safety. These features tell other radio carriers when there is a potential issue or when someone is in need of assistance. This can be the different in times of emergency.

radio hire edinburgh

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Events and Celebrations

As one of the largest cities in Scotland, Edinburgh plays host to a huge quantity of different events and celebrations throughout the year. Radio hire is an asset to any event, assisting in ensuring that proceedings run smoothly, as well as helping security teams to ensure the safety of both staff members and audiences.

Wall to Wall Communications has successfully worked with some of the biggest events in the UK, details of which can be found at We have experience with events which cover a selection of different types and sizes and as such know the advantages which radio hire can have, as well as its impact on making an event a triumph.

radio hire edinburgh

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