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Year of the pig. Year of the two-way radio.

How your business can celebrate events like Chinese New Year in London.

This year, it’s the year of the pig and London is getting ready to celebrate the Chinese New Year coming up in the next few weeks on February 10th. Radio event hire allows your business to celebrate events like Chinese New Year with ease and safety. It is essential you have a strong communication plan and two-way radio equipment to maximise success and avoid issues which can hurt your event or business’ reputation or legal situation.

When it comes to Chinese New Year for example, parades of floating dragons and dancers, followed by a sea of Far East street food, it’s safe to say that London will host some of the biggest events to take place at this time of year all around the world. With a sheer volume of people attending these events, it is important to stay updated and aware of what is occurring during the day.

Whether you’re part of a large parade or your business is celebrating with food, it’s in everyone’s best interest to enjoy the celebrations and keep safe, that’s where two way radio systems can assist, providing you with different variety of two way radios to suit your needs. Large or small, your event or business will save money and be more effective with a custom solution, with hires based only on what you need. So simply send us your name, telephone number and email below and we’ll give you a solution quickly. To look at the different systems we offer, take a look at our website here:

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Radio event hire for business

Radio event hire for business

Benefits of radio event hire for business:

Two-way radio systems can allow your staff members across all business to communicate effectively. With continuous shows and pyrotechnics planned this year, it’s important there are clears lines of communication to the right people to monitor the celebrations and control any situations that may occur during this time. Wall to Wall Communication’s radio systems offer a range of channels so time is saved trying to navigate the appropriate people.

Two way radio systems are geared for wet weather, and have noise cancelling abilities, which is vital for events with a large amount of guests, such as Chinese New Year. It gives you logistic controls and allows the ability to provide good customer service, so really, they are rather essential to ensure a smooth running of an event!

The other benefits of having two-way radio systems, is that it provides safety for both yourself and the visitors. With a wide variety of food on offer and tens of thousands of attendees, a situation could occur where there is a medical emergency, or someone is under stress. By having two way radios, it ensures you’re able to safeguard the people around you and keep control of what will already going to be a busy atmosphere. Two way radios provide you with: emergency call functions, location tracking, voice recording and many more. Furthermore, you can hire the additional accessories to accompany them such as ear pieces. The typical two way radios we would recommended for security purposes would be the Hytera PD705/785 and Hytera PD60

However, if you’re unsure on the type of systems you need and want, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Wall to Wall Communications or fill out the form linked below, which will help us determine the best package for you.

Save your business money and time with Radio event hire

Essentially, whether you’re part of a big celebration or managing a small element, make sure you’re well equipped to have a successful celebration this Chinese New Year in London. Remember, have a clear communication strategy, keep yourself and everyone around you safe.

We appreciate that with introduction of new technology, it can be difficult to determine what the appropriate make is or how you can use it effectively. We recommend you research, plan and test before making any purchase decisions, and we can even come to you to demonstrate some product options!

Emergency or short notice two way radio hire for events?

In need of a solution fast? Wall to Wall Communications offer ‘Next Day Delivery’, so it’s not too late to get your communications system on point right now!

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