What does POC stand for and how does it work?

POC stands for PTT (Push To Talk) Over Cellular. This technology essentially allows a two way radio to use the mobile phone data network instead of radio waves. However, this is not a new technology and has been around for years. Where POC radios were previously relying on 2G and 3G mobile data networks, the technology was not advanced enough to deliver fast, clear and reliable voice communication. For this reason, POC never fully succeeded or dominated traditional two way radios. 

Now with the advancements of the 4G data network and more recently the launch of 5G technology, PTT Over Cellular is becoming increasingly reliable. In the future, POC will likely replace traditional RF two way radios and for some businesses it’s already an appealing option.

POC radios

What are the advantages of POC?

  • Virtually unlimited range: Traditional radios typically have a range of only a few miles and need the assistance of antennas to communicate further. However, with POC, as long as both of the handsets have mobile data or a WIFI signal, they will be able to communicate regardless of distance.This will allow you and your team the freedom to move freely without having to stay within the range of the radio signal. This can have the potential to expand your business without any limits and increase productivity. 
  • Exemption from OFCOM licensing requirements: When working with traditional two way radios, to use of a radio frequency you need a license from OFCOM. When functioning in a dense urban environment, the demand for the limited spectrum of radio frequencies can be high. A benefit of POC is that they eliminate the need for an OFCOM licence before using. So if you are a business that functions in densely populated areas such as London or Edinburugh, POC could be a good option for you.


Who would benefit from POC technology?

Businesses that involve travelling would most benefit from POC technology. Where traditional two way radios have to be within range to communicate, POC radios can connect anywhere there is a mobile data signal or WIFI. As a result, businesses such as taxis, skip hire companies, couriers and haulage are ideal candidates. In addition to this, companies that span across multiple sites and across large areas would benefit from POC technology for the same reason. These can include security companies, retail firms with multiple outlets and industrial estates across the country. 

POC radios

Is it expensive?

In relative terms no. On average, the per handset cost is comparable with a traditional radio but there are some extra costs involved, namely the cost of data SIM package and a yearly service fee. However when compared to the high cost associated with installing repeater systems, POC can be a much less expensive option for users with large scale communication requirements.

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